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July 25, 2009

Lifting the Burden off the Media: the Alliance of Civilizations' Global Expert Finder

One goal of the Alliance of Civilizations is to create a journalist review board which requires reporters covering cross cultural issues be board accredited. Of course op-ed pieces will be distributed by the Alliance for reporters' consideration in covering a story. As I was looking at the Alliance of Civilizations' Global Expert Finder when I found this blog post from the Atlas Shrugs which is linked to my blog. I do have some differences of opinion with the author of this article. One difference is that I do not believe the Alliance of Civilizations is an arm of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. I believe the Alliance is an arm of the European Union--the globalization of the Barcelona Process--which has been lent to the Organization of the Islamic Conference until such a time that Western freedom has been subdued. It was the EU's High Representative Javier Solana who initially called for restrictions on free speech where religious criticism is concerned. Overall, the article is very good. I borrow from and once again give credit to the blog Atlas Shrugs.

Islam: The War of Propaganda Makes Huge Gains

Islam is unique in that it is the only religion with a propaganda arm. No other religion advocates for propaganda, deception and disinformation. It is a powerful weapon in their war on the enemy (non-Muslims).

The media is indispensable in this aspect of Islam's war on the West (education is too, of course). Sophisticated and well packaged, Islamic objectives are served well. The assault is global and national. And pretenses are being dropped. Al Jazeera (the English version) is now being live streamed to our intelligence and State departments. It is the worst kind of bias, but every employee can livestream it.

In the global landscape, the Alliance of Civilizations (arm of the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference), is "connecting experts with journalists" through the UN. Get it?

UN-Sponsored Service Connects Journalists with Experts Around the World

  • The United Nations' Alliance of Civilizations recently revamped and relaunched the Global Expert Finder (GEF), a searchable database of commentators, analysts and academics who have expertise in many topics, including politics, law, education, women's rights, human rights, terrorism, globalization, religion, and art. IJNet recently interviewed the UN's Daanish Masood about GEF and how journalists can benefit from the service.

Daanish Masood is a "Muslim Leader of Tomorrow" (here): Here's his bio - all the buzzwords are there.

  • Daanish Masood is currently Executive Coordinator at ASMA Society, a non-profit religious and educational organization dedicated to building bridges between the American public and American Muslims through culture, arts, academia and current affairs. Previously, Daanish worked as Outreach Coordinator for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee where he developed a program to increase civil rights awareness in New York's Arab and South Asian immigrant communities. Over the last few months, he has been dedicated to organizing and developing programmatic content for the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow forum. Daanish's main interest is in the political economy and economic anthropology of the Middle East and South Asia, particularly the issues of foreign labor in the Gulf region. He wrote his undergraduate thesis on the Saudi government's Saudization program, and hopes to pursue a doctoral degree in this area in the near future. Daanish graduated New York University with honors in Analytic Philosophy and Middle Eastern Studies. His language skills include: Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and Hebrew. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia to Lukhnavi parents, he has been living in New York for the past eight years.

Masood was the contact person at the Istanbul Forum for the Alliance of Civilizations (which Obama in his Muhammadan mode attended on his European apology tour). One of the initiatives of the conference was:

  • “Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges”, a cluster of Euro-Mediterranean projects, led by the Alliance and the Anna Lindh Foundation, to be developed by a number of partners, aimed at restoring trust and rebuilding bridges in that region in the wake of the Gaza crisis.

Bat Ye'or said of Obama's speech in Cairo concerning the Alliance of Civilizations:

  • The president’s speech is similar to many such declarations by European leaders. The question it raises is how much the West is ready to forgo truth and its basic principles in its supplication for obtaining peace with Islam. Clearly, the full Islamization of the West is the quickest way to obtain it. Obama’s political program in connection with the Alliance of Civilizations conforms to an OIC strategy that has already been accepted by the EU. In history, this policy has a name: the dhimmitude syndrome.

And President Barack Hussein Obama is fully on board: UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations Jorge Sampaio "welcomed the bold vision set forth by the American President to inaugurate a new era of peace and cooperation between the "Muslim world" and the West based on mutual respect, trust and partnership."

  • "From the Alliance of Civilizations' perspective, this approach provides a strong framework, not only for advancing Muslim-Western relations, but also for engagement between diverse communities and cultures around the world. It constitutes our best hope to turn tides of mistrust that have beset us in past decades and forge a new beginning.
  • "President Obama's speech provides a clear path for constructive engagement with the Muslim world, a path that doesn't attempt to paste over differences, but builds on common aspirations. Most importantly, he emphasizes the need to address the various sources of tensions - including violent extremism and the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians - and join forces to confront them.
Back to the propaganda article:

  • The database currently has 120 experts but expects to include around 300 in the next year. Most of the sources speak English, but many are bilingual and can speak with journalists in multiple languages.
  • In times of a crisis or important breaking global news, GEF also sends media alerts directly to a subscribed list of journalists, containing brief biographies and contact details for experts able to comment on the topic.
Propaganda is taqiya, lies to advance Islam. Like this from their June 29th meeting:

  • 'U(nderstanding) + R(espect) = U(nited) S(takeholders) for Good Governance of Cultural Diversity, Education for Social Cohesion, Respect and Peace,'

July 9, 2009

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Conservatism Radio Broadcast

UPDATE: This archive of this broadcast is available by clicking here.

Be sure and catch Constance Cumbey's broadcast next Tuesday (7/14) where she will discuss with CLIFF KINCAID ON POPE BENEDICT XVI'S EVIDENT ENDOSEMENT OF NEW WORLD ORDER MACHINERY AND SYSTEM.

This evening I have been invited to be a guest on Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Conservatism to discuss the Alliance of Civilizations with hosts Babe Huggett and Warner Todd Huston. The program info is below. This broadcast starts an hour after Constance Cumbey's My Perspective broadcast. Hope you can join.

July 8, 2009

Bjorn's Other Blog

I am writing this blog post to acknowledge several of the emails regarding Bjorn (Farmer) and present my position on the controversy surrounding his Blue God Star blog. Portions of this may be hard for some to read, but it has to be said so one can understand how I have arrived at my conclusions.

Late Friday evening as I checked my e-mail, I found a message waiting which contained a link to a blog called the
Blue God Star. The email indicated that it was Farmer’s new blog. As I read, my initial thoughts were that this is not Farmer’s blog, but then the author identified himself as Farmer. I decided to look at the various posters and found one named Arrowsmith. Arrowsmith writes a blog called the Black Dog Star. There I became even more stunned to find not even subtle Satanism and supportive posts by Farmer under various screen names of Bjorn (farmer); Freiberg; and Far More.

After reading the Star of Shiva and Nature of the Beast as well as Farmer’s posts, I sat silently for awhile overwhelmed by a sense of sadness and disbelief. I honestly did not want to believe this of Bjorn, he knows better. The Star of Shiva is about earth’s purification, a doctrine Bjorn himself has written about.

Some have characterized Constance Cumbey’s latest post exposing Farmer’s writings as a witch hunt. I do not see it that way. Farmer’s post ended with the words “stay tuned for…far more”. He fully intended to continue writing.

I find it reasonable that Constance Cumbey, an accredited author who has dedicated 30 years of her career combating the new age, would react as she did. After all, a person whom she trusted and one whom she linked her web site to recently launched a blog which honored Shiva. Constance had more than adequate reason to act as she did. I would have done the same.

I said on Constance’s blog that if attention were brought to Bjorn which was different in nature, one related to sin other than following a different god, Bjorn’s integrity as a anti new-age researcher would not have been compromised. As of last Friday night, I honestly do not know for which side Bjorn is a watchman.

I have decided to read much of Bjorn’s academic material in hopes of ascertaining what he really believes. This is not a witch hunt. I will let the evidence guide my conclusions. We cannot be compromised in ways our readers don’t know what we believe.

Bjorn, I hope you understand why I have taken this position. I say these things not to embarrass you. This is a very hard truth to say to you as I don’t want you to run away from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I still care about you very much and hope and pray that we will be able to forget this and celebrate together at the Lord’s table.