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August 10, 2007

What is the Alliance of Civilizations?

In November of 2006, the Alliance of Civilizations' High Level Group published its recommendations in its final report. The following month, I published a newspaper article warning of its contents. These recommendations came as no surprise as I had been following this group's activities since its inception. I have written several warnings about the Alliance of Civilizations which I intend to publish on this blogspace. I am starting with one of my latter articles since it is a good introduction to the initiative for those who need to familiarize themselves with it.

As published in December 2006:

The final report of the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) initiative was released last month. In addition to its usual goal of combating exclusivist ideology, the report contains some interesting elements:

1) Exclusivist ideology is defined as “those who feed on exclusion and claimsole ownership of the truth. (Christians, read John 14:6 as you consider thisstatement.)

2) The core issue identified to be the bridge between the West and Islam is resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

3) The global and problematic players in this conflict have been identified as the adherents of the three monotheistic faiths.

4) Failure to resolve this conflict will result in a failed Alliance of Civilizations.

Also noteworthy is that the AoC has identified the European Union’s Barcelona Process as one of the frameworks in which it intends to operate. For those unfamiliar with the Process, it is the foundation of the EU’s political, economic, and social policy. The Process, also known as the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, is represented as the only platform that can solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The social dimension of the Process, with implementation facilitated by the Anna Lindh Foundation, cooperates with the AoC and shares the common goal to combat religious fundamentalism worldwide.So what happens to the adherents of the monotheistic faiths if the peace process fails? Lucis Trust, one of the contributors to the AoC initiative gives us an idea. In its publication The Rays and the Initiations, Lucis Trust says that those faiths are but three dead and gone religions with Judaism being old, obsolete, and separative. Christianity, they say, has served its purpose and the new age Christ will replace the Gospel with a new truth. As for Muslims, they will accept the new age Christ as their Imam Mahdi “who will lead them to light and to spiritual victory.”

The objective of the AoC, therefore, is “to enforce an Alliance of Civilizations against all those who…give prevalence…to a logic of division and confrontation.” Since the Alliance intends to be fully prepared to enforce its objectives by 2009, I suspect that’s when they will introduce their symbol. Timing is everything. The European Commission has just submitted a document to the author of the Barcelona Process that it is time to deliver.

If the planners of the AoC really mean what they say, may God help us all.


OB1 said...

This is great information. I will pass this on to the others who have been watching the AoC.

Anonymous said...

Rich says:
As for Muslims, they will accept the new age Christ as their Imam Mahdi “who will lead them to light and to spiritual victory.”
AoC may think so, but at what cost?
Nicely done Rich.
Yours in Christ,

Constance Cumbey said...

Congratulations, Rich, on a well done and very much welcome new blogspot! I look forward to many future informative posts, and, of course, I have placed a link to this from my own blogspot.

How would you like to come on the radio some Saturday, very soon, to discuss it?


Anonymous said...

Very exciting opportunity for you Rich form Medford. Be encouraged in the Lord.
Aside from the majorly important contents of this site I'd like to comment on the design which is very classy and the name you chose 'A Time, Times, and Half a Time' is just perfect.' I like it!
Pleasant on the eyes, a little harder on the soul.
Much Shalom

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Thank you for the feedback Shalom. I would be very interested in doing a future broadcast with you Constance. I'll call you and we can plan a time.

Constance Cumbey said...

Posted on my blogspot by MAC which I think Rich needs to see:

Anonymous said...
Greek fires prompt plans for permanent EU emergency forces:

...The EU executive's spokeswoman said several commission directorates are currently seeking ways to boost the bloc's ability to react in similar situations as it seems the existing system "may not be enough to react as quickly as one wishes to."
Brussels is contemplating setting up some sort of "standing intervention force" for different types of crises. The idea is to speed up joint actions so disasters can be tackled within hours of breaking out.
She added that the new concept could be unveiled as early as this autumn and it would be worked out according to several scenarios on how to best coordinate the emergency teams from different countries.
The envisaged "modules" - with eleven identified so far, one of them a forest-fighting module - would consist of "readily-deployable, pre-defined specialised clusters of personnel and equipment," according to the commission.
The spokeswoman stressed however "We're not talking about a European force based in Brussels, here in the European Commission, about ready to be launched when the crisis happens. We're not talking about that."

We'll see,

10:32 PM

Anonymous said...

I always find myself reading this type of information with a bit of fear and aprehension. I know I have to look at it however and cast my fears to the Lord.
Rich, God is using you in a mighty way and for His greater purpose.
As I read your article I was reminded of a few quotes from a study book I am using on the book of Daniel. The author Warren W. Wiersbe writes, As they take their stand for what is right and what the Lord has commanded them to do, God's people in every age have been falsely accused, cruelly persecuted, and unjustly killed. All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. God examines with trials, the devil with temptations, and world with persecutions. In another place he writes, Daniel has a message for God's people today who are being attacked by the enemy and suffering because of their righteous stand for the Lord. Whether we face the fiery furnace or the roaring lion, we are in the Lord's care and He will work out His divine purposes for His glory.
Bottom line, in this time of uncertainty and turmoil we need to be feeding on God's word, engaging in prayer and preparing ourselves for things to come, so we can stand strong when all this comes to pass. God Bless and Stand Strong

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Dear Anon 12:52:

Thank you for the support. When I first learned of the AoC I was extremely fearful for nearly a week. I am reminded that after Daniel saw his vision he fainted and was ill immediately following. But he went about the king's business.

This is such dark material and often difficult to view. I am really a very plain person with my share of struggles. Your encouragement and prayers are very much appreciated.


Ben Smith said...

The Final Report cites the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, mentioning its call for complete freedom of religion. Imagine what an awesome thing it would be if Christians could freely practice their faith and preach the gospel all over the world?

"A full and consistent adherence to human rights standards forms the foundation for stable societies and peaceful international relations. These rights include...the right to freedom of religion; and the right to freedom of expression and association....all States (of the world)...must abide by them."

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Thanks for the input Ben. However, there is always a lot of double speak with the Alliance of Civilizations. For example, they call for freedom of press with exceptions. Freedom of religion provided the religious beliefs fall within their guidelines. One is allowed freedom of religion provided one's religion does not make an "exclusive truth claim"--that is considered to be hate. That's not really religious freedom at all.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Here is a link to the Lucis Trust material.

leedurhamstone said...

Rich, Hey.
What do you mean by saying the Alliance intends to "enforce" its views? How can a U.N. organization do that?

Rich Peterson - Medford said...


Your question has been answered in various portions of this same blog. I would direct your attention to the Militarization of the Alliance of Civilizations post as well as the 5-part counter-terrorism blog post starting with Killing with a Clear Conscience (December 2008). This organization is not as powerless as you might think.