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November 10, 2007

Aligning the Masses

From Mobilising people and Actions for Dialogue Web Site:

On January 1, Javier Solana advanced the political and economic dimensions of his Barcelona Process by strengthening the Association Agreements with the Mediterranean Partners for a period of seven years. It looks as though 2008 is the social dimension’s year to prosper. The social dimension, tasked with combating religious fundamentalism worldwide as well as creating a common civilization, is where the Alliance of Civilizations (Dialogue Between Peoples and Cultures) was inspired. This coming year has been declared the EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue and facilitating it is the EU’s Alliance of Civilizations.

This month, the
Anna Lindh Foundation is launching the 1001 Actions for Dialogue campaign to unite together their common culture. This campaign reminds me of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence but on a much more grandiose scale. The Anna Lindh Foundation’s plans are to “work for the promotion of dialogue and the aim of knowing the ‘other’”. But if you are one of the “others” who “merciless claims possession of absolute truth”, joining the common civilization is going to be a problem. Well c'est la vie, we’re in good company as I have no intention of joining them in their destiny.


Rudi said...

Way to go Rich! Thank you for more eye-opening information. Interesting, how the on-line 1001 action brochure you linked to has 'puzzle pieces' as the background. -Rudi

joyfulchild said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date Rich!I went to the website and all I can say is im with you-c'est la vie!We now more and more are becoming the minority.Keep up the good work Brother.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like 2008 will be a power packed year. I expect to see the animosity towards Christians grow which we know will lead to violence. I suspect Christ's return will be soon and if he tarries - God help us all. We may witness a Christian holocaust.


wts2 said...

The first Alliance for Civilizations was the Roman Church which burned the gospels of the Ebionites, and made heresy the teachings of James and Peter against the Roman error.

Do you know why Does Jesus Mention Balaam in Revelation 2:14?

see also "The Gospel Conspiracy"
at same channel.

Long day in Michigan said...

Excellent information and THANK YOU!

Constance Cumbey said...

They do mean business, don't they?!

Rudi said...

Rich, I was just doing some reading on "Faith House Manhattan" and noticed remarkable similarities between it and the "Mobilising people and Actions for Dialogue" website. In particular, the goals of each.
Below, I've first quoted from the "Faith House Manhatten" site goals, then "Mobilising people and Actions for Dialogue" website.

“Our Mission: We want to start a new kind of community in which we can discover The Other (individuals or groups other than those we belong to), deepen our personal and corporate journeys, and together participate in repairing the world.”

"...but will all focus on the promotion of dialogue and the aim to know the ‘other’."

I'm going to post some more about this on Constance's blog -Rudi

Anon Y. Mouse said...

Rich, please check this: