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April 28, 2008

"Minding" Our Youth through a Children's State

This article is the last of three in a series which compares the legal and cultural changes being made by today’s global government to those made by Hitler’s Third Reich. Part I, Ghost of Nazi Past, Ghost of Nazi Present focused on cultural, media, parliamentary, and judicial manipulations. Part II, Mobilising People and Actions for War focused on science, religion, religious education and spiritual mobilization. This last section is about the shaping (or reshaping) of young minds or, as the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality refers to it, activating the “science of minding”. Again I draw comparisons to the Third Reich from Richard Evans’ book The Third Reich in Power with my citations indicated by bold type.

During the second world war the Nazis had successfully undermined the role of family through an organization called the Hitler Youth. “These days parents have nothing more than the duty to feed and clothe their children; educating them is in the first place the task of the Hitler Youth’” complained one parent. And another, “‘the worst is…that you’ve got to watch yourself in front of your own children.’” (Pg. 279) These words ought to serve as a warning against any cultural move in which the state or otherwise attempts to gain control over the lives of young people. I wrote of such conditioning in an earlier post called the
Formation of an Alliance Youth. As presented by the OSCE Contribution to the Alliance of Civilizations, the objective is “sustaining youth as a fundamental element in promoting comprehensive security…[through] greater activation and engagement through advocacy and exercise of political rights and the creation of youth councils.” This reinforces the Alliance of Civilizations’ Final Report that, “it is extremely important to recognize youth not only as a source of mobilization, but as autonomous actors and partners.” There is no doubt that the intent is to connect children into an ideology sympathetic to the building of their new civilization, a civilization which has already identified religious freedom and political dissent as the “enemies of the civilization”.

One possible model which may be used to advance these objectives is Children’s State and Children’s United Parliament of the World (CUPW). Children’s State is a global internet state having a parliamentary assembly which convenes annually. According to the organization’s Strong Announcement, it “gives a new identity, dual nationality and international identity number for the children and young people of the world…[and] has a central role taking the lead of mankind in the new generation.” Among the supporters of Children’s State are organizations such as UNICEF, Save the Children, SOS Children's Village, Plan International and, of particular interest, the European Union:

Most interesting is Javier Solana’s support of the Children’s United Parliament of the World and the CUPW’s demands that nations demilitarize and allocate those resources to civilian-crisis management programs—a militarized security model formulated by Solana. These two initiatives appear to be mutually reinforcing. As I look at the above picture the thing that most saddens me is the young girl. She is obvously a young lady who makes her parents proud. I believe that she is participating in what her convictions tell her is a good cause. My hope for her is that one day she is able to objectively evaluate the entire underlying political agenda behind Children’s State. As one reads through the Children’s State web site, a picture emerges that portrays a cross between Jonestown and the Hitler Youth.

Overall Vision
According to the Children’s State vision statement, “The Children's United Parliament of the World is an international umbrella organisation for local and national children's parliaments…Organisation has been established to promote children's active citizenship, and their social and international partnership. In 2001 the General Assembly of the children’s parliament established an internet state, the Universal Childrensstate, that has today its own constitution, hymn and flag.”

“We educate children to become globally and locally responsible active citizens who wish for world peace. At the moment adults and decision-makers do not listen to children’s wishes enough, and thus children’s parliament provides a legal ground for children to act in their own societies as well as internationally….“Children do not need to be taught what to think, but rather how to think and act both critically and constructively.”

If only promotion of world peace and responsible citizenship were the actual goals rather than euphemisms for ideological instruction! Already we see groundwork which will require parents to relinquish control in educating their children. Interesting to note is that the Hitler Youth also had their own hymns.

Principles & Declaration of Independence
Children’s State has a Declaration of Independence which says that “Citizens of CHILDRENSSTATE are all the children of the earth under the age 18.” Children’s State’s principles require that:

  • The Children shall have the right to free decision making and opinion.
  • The Children shall be equal to adults.
  • The Children shall have the right to vote.
  • The Children shall have their own ID code.
  • The interests of Children shall be equally considered.
  • The Children shall have the right to their own values.
  • The Children shall have the opportunity to free communication.
  • The Children shall have the right to grow completely as per their own personality.

There ideology is a totalitarian regime’s dream come true. Clearly this is intended to undermine the family structure. One begins to get a sense that if parents were to resist co-operating with Children’s State, penalties similar to those carried out by the Nazis might be reintroduced:

“After 25 March 1939, membership was legally binding from the age of ten, and parents could be fined if they failed to enroll their children, or even imprisoned if they actively tried to stop them joining.” Pg 272

“Idealism undoubtedly played a role in committing many young people to the cause in defiance of their parents’ wishes.” Pg 274

“One Hitler Youth leader himself admitted, ‘the leadership encourages amongst many boys a kind of megalomania that refuses to recognize any other authority.’” Pg 281

Power Structure
Although children are told that they execute the highest authority of the Children’s United Parliament of the World, this is questionable. Similar to the European Union’s governance structure where the Council presents the parliament with legislation for its rubber stamp, it is the Council of the Future and Secretary General who submit legislation to the CUPW assembly. One astute 16 year old correspondent who attended a Children’s State function reported:

“Whilst the adults were not emitted inside the room, their thoughts and opinions were heard from the teenagers’ comments. It was easy to notice that the groups had practised their speeches quite well in advance. So it is questionable, how much of what was spoken really came from the children.”

Schirach proclaimed that ‘the principle of self-leadership’ would apply as it had in the old youth movement, but in practice the organization was effectively run by grown-ups.” Pg. 276

“…it was emphatically a top-down organization, run not by young people themselves, as the old youth movement had been, but according to the leadership principle, by the Reich Youth Leadership under Schirach…All those who joined had to swear a personal oath of allegiance to Hitler. Their training was compulsory and legally binding.” Pgs. 273-274

Parental Rights
Apparent in Article 8 of the Children’s State Constitution, the primary role of parents is to supply their children with basic human development needs. The state will be in the position to determine whether the parent is suitable to meet the educational and emotional needs of the child.

“The child shall enjoy the benefits of social security. He shall be entitled to grow and develop in health; to this end, special care and protection shall be provided both to him and to his mother, including adequate pre-natal and post-natal care. The child shall have the right to adequate nutrition, housing, recreation and medical services… The child shall, wherever possible, grow up in the care and under the responsibility of his parents…”

“Nowadays, childless couples are often congratulated by parents on their childlessness. These days parents have nothing more than the duty to feed and clothe their children; educating them is in the first place the task of the Hitler Youth.” Pg. 279

Children’s state has its own bank, the State Bank for the Universal Childrensstate, and currency, the Kyper, which is valued at a ratio of 1:1 Euro.

Children’s State Capital
Children’s State is to have KyperLedCity, Tunisia as its capital. Plans for construction of the capital city have been submitted to the government of Tunisia.

According to Children’s State Strong Announcement “After filling out the application of citizenship, under 18-year old person gets immediately dual citizenship, international ID number and a right to process the passport for one self. The passport is valid until the age of 26-years, and it entitles the person to act in CHILDRENSSTATE.”

If a parent wishes to visit their child in Children’s State they must get approval as such: “Adults need to apply for the visa from CHILDRENSSTATE's commission, to be able even to visit at children and young people of the world state.”

“The Order Castles (Ordensburgen) were the next stage in the system of Party-based education dreamed up by Schirach and Ley. They were intended exclusively to teach graduates of the Adolf Hitler Schools…the Order Castles in turn functioned as training centres for numerous Nazi Party officials on short courses.” Pg. 286

Disciplinary Action
Children’s State has developed measures known as the Internet Prison and Black List intended for discipline whenever necessary.

“Children's United Parliament of the World and the Commission have authority, in the name of the children of the world, to punish the people who destroy the future of the children of the world by putting them to the Universal Childrensstate prison.”

Children are prohibited from interfering in any areas where disciplinary action is being taken by the Children’s State.

Article II, paragraph 7 of the Charter: “All Members shall give the every assistance to the Children’s United Parliament of the World in any action it takes in accordance with the present Charter, and shall refrain from giving assistance to any instance against which the CUPW is taking preventive or enforcement action.”

Article 25 of the CUPW Charter: “The Children’s United Parliament of the World may also recognise those individuals, institutions and companies that operate against to the moral principles of the Charter, and place them on a Black List. The CUPW recommends children not associate themselves with those on the Black List.”

Children’s State is only one of many initiatives aimed at conditioning youth to adopt a global governance mindset. I have critiqued Children’s State because of its apparent relationship with the European Union. I would further like to add that I believe there are individuals involved with Children’s State who have not fully examined its underlying politics. I would encourage those people to honestly examine the evidence and determine whether the entire global governance agenda—along its various components designed to control society at every level—is something worthy of your participation and support.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. In every sense, God's creation of the family is being undermined and attacked, through the homosexual movement, through the attack on home schooling, sex education in the schools promoting abortions without parental consent( Europe...not sure about the US) and on and on. The demeans parents to the level of reproductive machines that have not input into the spiritual and moral upbringing of their children. am inclined to believe that God will not put up with this much longer. I think the "sin of the Amorites is about to its fulness" and His people will be calling out to Him to deliver us from Pharoah.

It does make sense though, if people are going to be led into the NWO and to follow a false messiah they will have to be programed from an early age to eradicate the "extremists". In Europe this kind of philosophy is very much at work already. German, of all places, has made home schooling illegal.

In the past, I was never a big fan of home schooling because I believed children must learn to live in a sinful fallen world system, but I now see that it is so evil, the way kids are being manipulated at such an early age it is much better to protect them from it and influence them as much as possible. I am now 100% for home schooling. It will probably be outlawed completely in the near future. What I'd like to know is who died and left EU and UN boss over our families? Without God's Word people don't even understand their God ordained responsibility.

With western economies struggling and people having to do more just to survive, I wonder how many will have the time or head to pay attention to these very important trends taking place in the world.

Most people I talk to are totally unaware of the work of AoC.. Europe's secularism has already striped European parents of a sense of their God-given responsibility for their kids. US will not be far behind.

Family is quickly being redefined and the next effect of this will be the governmental upbringing of our kids, like in the days of Hitler. The spirit of rebellion will thrive because the commandment of "Honor your mother and father" or "obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. This is the first commandment with a promise, that it might go well with you and you will live a long life on the earth".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for preparing and sharing these Richard. I haven't managed to read the last two yet but will take the time to soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich - this is, as ever, interesting reading.

I share your concerns about the youth and wonder whether you are also aware of what is happening in Russia ... it's old news.

Russian youths encouraged to procreate at camp


Anonymous said...

Is this Children's State stuff for real? It seems kinda spoofy! :)


Barbara said...

Is there anyone out there who has heard of the new "Liberty Schools or the " Micro Society" which is study ( for grades kindergarden thru 8th grades) "in conservation, international diversity, and environment." MC states that their approach would go a long way toward making the US schools " a cradle for national renewal" They state " the program combines the best thinking in experimental education with proven concepts in the social sciences; drawing from the classical research base of Dewey, Montessori, Frobel, Illich, and Piaget " I really need some help on this as my daughter is thinking of enrolling her child in this school and had asked me for advice. She can't afford a Christian school. Thank you Barbara

Anonymous said...

Barbara, it took a bit of searching because there's a hyphen in the organization's name that doesn't appear on the website.
You need to look up Micro-Society, Inc.

One way to get a lot of information about a project or organization is to put in the phone number of the organization. That bypasses a simplistic site such as Microsociety.
Here's there #215-922-4006

Although it's presented as another version of Junior Achievement, encouraging awareness of how businsses operate, in fact it goes much further. In one of the stories parents were unhappy because they felt the time was wasted and could be better used on academic study.

Your daughter should ask what the cost for participating will be:
Costs:The start-up cost for the 1st year of implementingMicrosociety is $67,450. This amount covers travelfor three to the annual conference, supplies for agencies and ventures, and the basic cost for 20–40 teachers at Level II. Costs are derived fromHerman et al
(and this was in 1999.

Tell your daughter she should ask to see the teacher's manual for this program as well as any other teacher materials. It's the only way your daughter will know what is being covered.

This also may be an early lead-in for tracking students into careers very early in their schooling, as early as the primary grades. The program doesn't seem to be far enough along for that.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, Two MicroSociety schools,
Chula Vista Community Learning Center in Chula Vista, California, and Sarah
Cobb Elementary in Americus, Georgia, have been chosen to participate in Oprah
Winfrey's O Ambassadors program.

What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

-"The children shall have the right to free decision making and opinion."

-"The chilren shall have a right to their own values."


-(the children) "shall refrain from giving assistance to any instance against which the CUPW is taking preventive or enforcement action.

It appears that its ok for them to have their own ideas as long as they jive up with the Children's State. As far as applying for a visa to visit your children...incredible!! You're right Rich! This is a casserole of the Nazi Youth, Jonestown and even reminds me a little of the book The Lord of the Flies!


Anonymous said...

You are right Judy! It reminds me of the movie, "Children of the Corn". I hope the Lord comes soon so we do not have to live to see this come to pass.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
parpcofriends say :If the world is to be a cashless,barbaric,tasered society.Could it then be that due to one world one currency and already we got credit cards that scane products of barcode selling system we already have.No need for cash in hand just credit and the mark of the beast then beeing a micro chip which is scanned,and if the poeple are going to kill the poeple who dont want to believe in one world new religion ,and thought ,then the poeple of the world will have become barbaric.There are already chips that are inserted into children to located them if they are lost,what else is in the microchip ,can it be used to scan for a value of credit that indivdual has ??

2:25 AM

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Anonymous 2:25 AM,

I have not had very little time over the past few weeks but do intend to answer your post when I have more time.


Young Grasshopper said...

I have been following this stuff for over 10 years, right after reading a book called "En Route to Global Occupation" by GAry Kah. Eventually the heaviness of it all was so depressing that I decided to just ignore the fact that the world, and especially the world's youth, were going to hell in a handbasket. I closed my eyes and tried to believe that evil didn't exist, but i was not following myself at all. Recently, the heaviness has returned because I have been praying for wisdom and discernment as a result of very troubling thoughts that wouldn't go away. You may enjoy reading my blog, since it contains some of the same villains found in your own blog- Lucis Trust for one, and a key player at that.

Anonymous said...

Look, the children of Children's State support abortion.