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July 24, 2008

Pillars of the "Alliance of Civilization" The Earth Charter

I had intended to copy into my blogspot for some time now an excellent piece from Constance Cumbey's pen. Pillars of the "Alliance of Civilization" The Earth Charter is one of the best articles I've read on the topic and one I find useful as a reference. I post it here for those researching the Alliance of Civilizations.

By: Constance Cumbey
January 10, 2007

A primary source for what was to become known as the Alliance of Civilizations, was the “Earth Charter Initiative.” Some chroniclers trace it back only as far as the 1987 Brundtland Commission. The Earth Charter Declaration contains language startlingly reminiscent of its salvation-based religion baiting precedents, Humanist Manifesto and the Humanist Manifesto II. One prominent Earth Charter proponent, Maurice Strong, was quoted saying that the Earth Charter would become as important as the Ten Commandments. Conflicting histories have been given and it appears that it was in progress, per Maurice Strong, much earlier than the 1987 Brundtland Commission.

  • "The whole question of an Earth Charter was in fact on the UN Agenda at Rio. We didn't quite make it. We did make some progress. At the Stockholm Conference, which was the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, governments agreed to a historic declaration, which moved the world community towards what we now call an Earth Charter. Then, at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, as the Secretary General of that conference, I challenged governments to produce an Earth Charter.[1]

This obvious phase of implementation of what former UN Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller and Maurice Strong alike would acknowledge was “The Plan” was being developed on Muller’s Costa Rican turf in 1995.[2] For me 1995 was an interesting year. It was then I discovered the existence of another interesting “eminent personality,” in the form of one Dr. Javier Solana. He also has had enormous input in the “Alliance of Civilizations.”

If the declared agenda of the Alliance of Civilizations of regulating religious schools and their curriculums seem potentially draconian, its incorporated “Earth Charter” is even stranger. It had a Vermont eerie coming out party, complete with drums and masks, preceding on September 9, 2001. This happened at Shelburne Farms, Vermont. “Eminent personalities” who were part of that party included Dr. Steven Rockefeller, Jane Goodall. New Age musician Paul Winter and “peace walker” Satish Kumar.

Clearly, their Moloch was not appeased. Only two tragic days later the Eastern USA skies were aflame. The Twin Towers burned, the Pentagon burned, and an assaulted plane crashed and burned over Pennsylvania. The ritual masks and pagan drumbeat to usher their version of a 21st Century “Ark of the Covenant” clearly had not inoculated the world against war.

Another source of both Alliance of Civilizations and The Earth Charter inputs include Mikhail Gorbachev’s Green Cross. Author Wayne Peterson, a former United States State Department official and Fulbright Scholar executive wittingly or unwittingly reveals much of the possible agenda. He claims to personally knows Mikhail Gorbachev to be open devotee of “Maitreya, the Christ.”

This may be entirely possible. The Earth Charter website says it was “restarted” by Strong and Gorbachev “with the assistance of the government of the Netherlands.” Many New Age guides to Europe in my personal library say Holland is the New Age capital of Europe. Apart from the obvious Findhorn Community (Scotland) claims, this may well be true. As early as 1903 a major Theosophical world congress was held in Amsterdam. During the 1920’s Theosophists were vigorously working to smooth the way for world acceptance of a “Day of Declaration.” Jiddhu Krishnamurti was anointed by Annie Besant, then Theosophical Society leader to be the “new Christ” and lead the world into a “New Order.” Dutch Queen Wilhelmina was an open devotee of Krishnamurti and eagerly awaited that “Day of Declaration,” offering Dutch national radio to broadcast the awaited Maitreyan acceptance speech. World theosophists flocked to the Theosophists Holland Camp Ommen. There they camped and shared vegetarian picnics out while taking part in convocations with “sacred fires.”

At Eerde, Holland, Krishnamurti had a lavish castle formerly belonging to a member of Dutch nobility. There he spent pre-Day of Declaration days with his Annie Besant and other followers. Several years later, in World War II, the Nazi warriors used Camp Ommen as a concentration camp. After Krishnamurti failed to deliver the acceptance speech, or so the official version goes, Annie Besant supposedly dissolved the “Order of the Star” connected with the “Christ’s reappearance.” Reportedly, she returned moneys to donors. I say supposedly, because despite these historical representations, I have amassed a collection of Order of the Star publications going through the mid 1930s and it appears that meetings were going on in Holland as well. Perhaps it was God who was not ready rather than Krishnamurti who expressed regrets from time to time in later life that he had not fully fulfilled his role as “the vehicle for the Christ.”

This is the Earth Charter Initiative’s own version of the time and events:

  • The World Commission on Environment and Development (aka "the Brundtland Commission") called for “a universal declaration” and “new charter” to set “new norms” to guide the transition to sustainable development. (Our Common Future, 1987)
  • A draft UN Earth Charter was developed for the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, but the time for such a declaration was not right. The Rio Declaration became the statement of the achievable consensus at that time.
  • In 1994, Maurice Strong (Chairman of the Rio Summit) and Mikhail Gorbachev, working through organizations they each founded (Earth Council and Green Cross International respectively), restarted the Earth Charter as a civil society initiative, with the help of the Government of the Netherlands. The initial drafting and consultation process drew on hundreds of international documents.
  • Messrs. Strong and Gorbachev convened an independent Earth Charter Commission in 1997 to oversee the final development of the text and to come to agreement on a global consensus document.[3]

Bottom line: As one primary pillar of the now shaping Alliance of Civilizations, we have an Soviet atheist turned New Ager combining with an equally fervent Canadian billionaire devotee, both true believers in an alleged “Maitreya the Christ,” the latter particularly working openly with Lucis Trust, the offspring of Alice and Foster Bailey’s original “Lucifer Publishing Company.”

That such is taken seriously in more than esoteric circles is easily proved. One illustration is an article in the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law on December 2, 2001. Had a Christian or Jew dare suggest that this was God’s judgment on an idolatrous world, the outcry would still be heard. However, this suggestion that we all join in common earth worship passed at least the scrutiny of editors of what was supposed to be a respected legal journal:

  • World tragedies necessitate the reaction of a united global society dedicated to responsible action and committed to peace. Identifying a common motivation and mode of communication to which all individuals can relate is a prerequisite component to avoiding destruction and moving towards progress. Humanity's dependence upon the planet earth serves as the natural primary connection between all people. By joining this undeniable truth with the notions underpinning the Earth Charter,[1] a blue print for building a new foundation to address our current reality can be identified.

Where this is heading and where environmentalists and New Agers alike are harmonically converging is clearly in the direction of earth worship and beyond to universe/cosmos adoration. Bundled in with the concept is one of gratitude to [gasp!] Lucifer himself, whom Benjamin Crème proudly proclaimed on one unwilling radio debate he did with me in the early 1980s, “made a tremendous sacrifice for our planet.” Evidently Lucifer, per Crème, ran a Garden of Eden intervention challenging God to see that we properly “evolved” rather than vegetate in a tropical garden. As a result, per Crème, Lucifer is the “prodigal son.” It is startling in personal conversations I have had with some in those circles that God is expected to welcome Lucifer back with open arms. A related belief is that those forever barred from the new Utopian Eden are those who stood in Lucifer’s way. This is a strange perversion of Judeo/Christian theology, widely published from sources such as Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and David Spangler. Lucis Trust has offered to cap it all off by allowing the world to use their “Great Invocation,” presumably a forced replacement to “The Lord’s Prayer” and “23rd Psalm.”

Such idolatry is condemned across the board by traditional monotheistic theology. Catholics as part of their baptismal rites say, “Do you reject Satan? The congregation is expected to answer, “I do.” “And all of his works? I do”

The biblical Book of Revelation contains a stern warning in chapter 14 that all should “fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come. Worship God who created the heaven, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of waters.” The Earth Covenant and its new bible called “the Book of Temenos” frighteningly reverse that command to one that inverts it to the very worship condemned: “If any man worships the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation.” Those worshiping the “beast and his image” and receiving the mark of his name were to “have no rest day nor night.”[4]

An even earlier proponent, working even closer to the time of the Krishnamurti era envisioned a scenario startlingly close to what now appears to be full process. H. G. Wells wrote in his 1928 book, THE OPEN CONSPIRACY; BLUEPRINTS FOR A WORLD REVOLUTION:

  • "Whenever possible, the Open Conspiracy will advance by illumination and persuasion. But it has to advance and even from the outset where it is not allowed to illuminate and persuade it must fight . . .in the face of unscrupulous opposition creative ideas must become aggressive, must define their enemies, and attack them. . . . The Open Conspiracy rests upon a disrespect for "nationality . . ."

Again, I say, "fasten your seatbelts, friends. We are in for a bumpy ride. Keep the faith!"

1, See "Earth Council: Papers" and here.

2, In his UN retirement, Robert Muller moved to Costa Rica to chair the UN University there.

3, Origin and history of the Earth Charter

4, See Revelation (Apocalypse) Chapter 14, verses 6 through 12).

July 13, 2008

The Devil in Drag

In the small town where I live attacks against Christians regularly appear in our local newspaper. The new agers love to use the term crisis = opportunity. As I read these attacks I think of them as hostility = opportunity. One writer in particular despises Christians and places all of the world's ills at our feet. That being said, it is her latest opinion piece which leads me to this next blog post which will be published in this Thursday's newspaper.

It looks as though Linda Osolkowski wants to talk about religious extremism and silly beliefs. In her latest vox pops she ridiculed Dr. Uhri for having what she considers a ridiculous belief system. She goes as far as to sarcastically suggest Dr. Uhri believes gravity to be only a theory. It is not uncommon for Osolkowski to publicly mock Christians as in past posts she has ridiculed doctrines such as the rapture while touting her “goddess” worship as being firmly based in reason. So it is time to further examine her new age mindset and the theology which surrounds the goddess.

The goddess identifiable by many names was known to the Egyptians as Isis, the Greeks as Demeter-Persephone, to the Romans Diana and, at present, is commonly known as Sophia-Gaia. Gaia is most recognizable to people as “Mother Earth”. Although the goddess’ theology varies amongst Sophiologists the core belief system remains common. Hence I will present the goddess from the perspectives of her story tellers, those credited with heralding in the new age and popularizing her in the west, namely H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner.

In the beginning God existed as one in the form of a polarity: the divine masculine and the divine feminine (Sophia). Together they co-created the universe. Each entity was a conjoined triune deity, the male being the Father, Logos and Holy Spirit and the female being the Mother, Daughter and World Soul. In the goddess’ zeal to create, she formed the cosmos independently of her male counterpart resulting in a mistake which caused the divine feminine to separate from the divine masculine. Upon her descent Ialdabaoth, the God of Israel, taunted her so she gave her light to the sun and became the earth where she remains in the depths of the under world longing to reunite to the divine masculine. The universal prayer to the goddess opens as “our Mother, who art in the depths of the under world”. Her only hope to reconnect to the divine masculine has been to facilitate humanity’s evolution to its final stage by emitting evolutionary impulse streams through her spiral vortexes. It is only when humanity becomes attuned to her impulses and by adopting a global consciousness—the World Soul—that the goddess will become redeemed and able to reunite to the divine masculine. The final earthly stage of human development is considered to be the most painful period in earth’s evolutionary process because not everyone is attuned to the goddess’ impulse streams. Those individuals, primarily monotheists and political dissenters, are considered to be the World Soul’s karmic opposites which inhibit the goddess’ redemption. Shirley McClain, among many, explains that their karmic opposites soon await their fate in “karmageddon”. Once the “World Soul” eliminates its karmic opposites, it will have become divine and transcend thereby bringing an end to time and death. This transcended humanity will move forward to become co-creators with the rejoined godhead culminating its journey partaking in the Vulcan stage of cosmic evolution wherein they will realign the cosmos by transforming the earth into a new sun.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Mother Earth’s (Gaia’s) keeper—the Pleiadians—as they too emit impulses through her vortexes. The Pleiadians, from the planetary star Alcyone, are hosting in honor of Gaia’s redemption a cosmic party to commence on December 21, 2012. They have chosen to communicate their agenda by channeling their writings through Barbara Hand Clow’s Pleiadian Agenda. They do so as they recognize some goddess worshippers have been lazy and not adequately expanded their levels of consciousnesses by focusing their meditative energies into the reptilian forces. According to the Pleiadians, not everyone has an invitation to the cosmic party—only those who recognize that Lucifer lives within them and are willing to undergo a Luciferic initiation. This is a common theme in new age literature and one which is problematic for the world’s monotheists as they recognize Lucifer to be none other than Satan. As clearly presented throughout their writings, Blavatsky and Steiner agree that Satan and Lucifer at the same. They however exhibit great admiration for him. Per Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, “In this case it is but natural…to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind…” Blavatsky also identifies the goddess Sophia and Lucifer to be one and the same—Lucifer’s female persona. Maybe the devil really does wear Prada. The Pleiadians tell us how to recognize the start of the cosmic party—it will commence when their mother ship enters earth’s atmosphere. As one can see, “goddess” theology is based upon "solid scientific inquiry".

Although I disagree with theologies such as the goddess, I would defend anyone’s right to believe it. It is when governments—such as the new global order and its governmental structures—demand that individuals shift their religious beliefs to one centered around earth-worship and the acceptance of their political-spiritual cosmic Christ that they have crossed the line into dictatorship and have themselves adopted an ideology of religious extremism. Global governmental organizations such as the Alliance of Civilizations, Gorbachev’s Earth Charter, the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, etc., etc. openly portray such a system. They have formulated a strategy to rid themselves of dissenters by identifying those individuals as religious extremists who are prone to violent radicalization. Osolkowski attempted to do the same in her latest vox pops. The Alliance of Civilizations has said that it is a sovereign United States which presently stands in its way of globally deploying its new spirituality. It has further called for the abolition of national parliaments worldwide. At least in the United States, despite our flaws, we can voice our opinions without the threat of death. There are visible signs that this too is shifting as leadership in both the Republican and Democratic parties rush towards handing over our national sovereignty in the interest of global governance. So if Linda wishes to further discuss religious extremism and silly religious beliefs we too are willing to participate in that discussion.