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April 15, 2009

Incompetence with Confidence

The cat was let out of the bag this week as Americans received a dose of reality from United States Department of Homeland Security Report on Rightwing Extremism. I found no surprises in the report. This is what I have been writing of for quite some time. For those new to this blog, the DHS strategy is consistent with the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in which you will find the Alliance of Civilizations as the centerpiece. Below are links to the counter-terrorism pieces I published earlier:

Who are the targets of the Department of Homeland Security? It is none other than individuals who politically dissent and/or who believe in an “end of days” theology. Imagine that. I find it incredible that the people in these counter-terrorism positions are shocked that one might believe in an “end of days” scenario. Karen Armstrong, for example, bitter over her life in a convent seeks to incite hatred against Christians by leveling false charges of anti-Semitism and accusations that Christians oppose democracy. It’s quite an absurd notion that Christians would oppose a form of government that permits religious freedom. It’s the Alliance’s form of democracy—a safe democracy—which Christians oppose as its intent is to unify the state and religion into one cohesive unit. No more separation of church and state there. One might look at Barbara Marx Hubbard who presented her Citizens Solutions Councils to be incorporated into the Office of the Presidency. Hubbard’s writings are terroristic in nature as they intend to incite violence against the “egocentric” one half of the world’s population and advocates destruction of this “defective seed” from the social body. But let’s not go overboard here, that couldn’t possibly be reason for concern.

Janet Napolitano stands behind the content of the Department’s report. Let’s look a bit further at who is on the list of political enemies or those prone to violent radicalization:

  • Individuals concerned with Second Amendment rights (right to bear arms);
  • Veterans;
  • Individuals critical of the first black president’s policies;
  • Individuals concerned with single issues such as abortion, gay marriage, etc.
  • Individuals who believe the old conspiracy theories of the ‘90s—that a “New World Order” would emerge following an economic crisis; etc. etc.

Wait! I fit several of those categories. But I’m starting to feel a little more at ease that I may be able to remove myself from the conspiracy theory category. It looks like I might be able to banish it back into the ‘90s and start to relax in the peace and security of these present moments. But first I need to verify, one can’t be too careful. So I decided to search various web sites for “global governance”. The world body of the United Nations might be a good starting point in seeking that comfort. Hmm, no comfort there: 1,710 documents found containing the words global governance and 410 containing new world order.

Disappointed, I decided to travel down the electronic boulevard to the Brookings Institute because I know they are in “the know”. No comfort there either—2,140 documents related to global governance. And they’re more concerned about securing the world than the Department of Homeland Security. Don't you just really feel secure knowing these people are securing the world?

By now I’m feeling let down. Perhaps Janet Napolitano is plain incompetent. Well, at least she’s confidently incompetent. But heck, maybe the United Nations and the Brookings Institute are conspiracy theorists too, so she deserves maybe one final chance. I decided to head over to the electronic Main Street of Amazon dot com. There I found 6,561 publications on global governance. Sorry Janet, you don't know what you're talking about on this one.

Responding to heavy criticism, the Department of Homeland Security's response somewhat resembles this...

April 3, 2009

Obama to Attend Istanbul Alliance of Civilizations Forum

Newspapers throughout the Middle East are excitedly proclaiming that a new era of relations have begun as President Obama is to take part in the Istanbul Alliance of Civilizations forum.

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Yet the major news media in the United States reports the visit to be a roundtable discussion with students. See Fox, NBC, and ABC news coverage. Forbes Online is the only U.S. media giving the Istanbul Conference the accurate coverage it deserves--good work Forbes! It looks as though the big three are merely reporting what the White House has provided.

It appears as though the White House wants to keep a low profile within the United States where the Alliance of Civilizations is concerned. President Obama may be having a roundtable with students, but I expect his audience will look more like this.