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December 27, 2009

Maitreya's Star

It has been awhile since I've posted and my intent was to post a new YouTube video of a powerpoint presentation. But YouTube has a new policy of only 10-minute uploads. I need to decide how I want to break down a one hour and 10 minute presentation and then I will post it. In the meantime, I am posting a response to a couple of editorials which ran in the Medford paper. I have posted sections of those in the blog comments.

Once again Linda Osolkowski is portraying her political opponents as religious and political extremists by attempting to associate their ideology to that of the Taliban, a regime which governed by blurring the line of church and state. She presents the Iraq war as an exhibit of such extremism. Osolkowski’s revisionism is remarkable. She omits that many democrats voted for the war. Of course their decisions were based upon faulty intelligence reports, the same reports republicans were asked to consider. The intelligence was provided by Britain’s Tony Blair, President Bush’s closest friend and ally. Tony Blair and George Bush are both globalists so it is important to examine their actions through the prism of the global lens, i.e., new age politics.

Once the United States was well into the Iraq war, Blair’s message shifted from regime change to advocacy for the Alliance of Civilizations initiative. Blair called for an alliance for global values to straighten out the “clash about civilizations”. His change of opinion was not sudden for he had long held new age views. Blair had undergone a rebirthing ceremony to become “One” with “Mother Earth”, a.k.a., the goddess Gaia. Both Bush and Blair are on record as Universalists, a doctrine, though hostile to Christianity, has been welcomed into many of the apostate churches. The Universalist value of “we all religions worship the same God but follow different paths” is part of the global value system. Today Blair’s faith foundation is housed at Yale University where he teaches Alliance of Civilizations doctrine. The Bush Administration was also a supporter of the Alliance.

As long as there is religious freedom homosexuality and abortion will be debated as moral issues. But for new age politics expression of those views are considered to be an assault against the new civilizations’ “common value system”. Opposition is portrayed as “hateful” ideologies which lead to violent radicalization. This strategy steps beyond the suppression of legitimate debate for UN counter-terrorism measures labeled dissenters as “strategic terrorists”. Everywhere within “the Strategy” one can find these well-defined goals: set aside the separation of church and state; and, through interfaith dialogue, “use religion to combat religion”. The Nazis are known for their attempts at eliminating confessional divides and converging religion.

While Osolkowski’s portrayal of Christians as extremists reflects the New Age political strategy, it might behoove her to examine her support of the goddess cosmology which openly calls for global genocide. A good starting point would be with the most influential organizations in shaping the global spiritual-political landscape. I refer to Lucis Trust, the United Nations’ spiritual foundation, which intricately ties liberation of the goddess to the “doctrine of the coming one”. The coming one—Maitreya—has a mission: unite humanity with the fallen goddess and in the process fulfill all religions’ messianic expectations. Universalism will have served its role as religions are required to converge into “One”. Maitreya’s opposition-- the resistant form—must be destroyed. As written in the Great Invocation “Let Light and Love and Power and Death fulfil the purpose of the Coming One”. The process of destruction is what the New Age visionaries say is an integral part of “conscious evolution”.

December was a good month for Lucis Trust initiates. They are proclaiming the star which heralds in Maitreya’s arrival appeared over the Norwegian skies. While the press reported this “star” spiral as a failed Russian missile, Theosophists and Gaia hopefuls insist it was one of several spaceships placed around the world. Perhaps immature Pleiadians (the goddess’ keepers) could not wait for their 2012 cosmic party to razzle and dazzle with their props. Some point out that the timing coincides with the mid-2009 World Invocation Day which called upon Maitreya’s arrival and the ushering in of his 1000 year Reich (oops, era of peace, light, and love).

Some world leaders point out that 2010 is the first full year of global governance (which Maitreya is supposed to lead). The country that architected of the Alliance of Civilizations is to preside over the European Union’s rotational presidency during the first semester. Spain has announced it intends to advance existing clearly-defined objectives: replacement of the world’s existing economic system; strengthen the United Nations; and solidify the Alliance of Civilizations’ power. The envisioned economic system is “earth-centric” and requires those participating to recognize “Mother Earth”—the goddess—as creator.

One might be inclined to dismiss this New Age politic because it is so bizarre. Doing so would be a mistake. The Alliance of Civilizations has been incorporated into NATO military doctrine and some of its aspects can be found in U.S. military doctrine. NATO is scheduled to announce a new strategic concept in 2010. I’ve seen an emblem incorporates the EU and NATO flags, a fragmented U.S. flag, and three sixes (the number of initiation which New Age visionaries have been teaching is a requirement for transcendence).

What the Alliance of Civilizations proposes is fascism in its ugliest form. Osolkowski’s ideology reflects much of the same. One could say she has more in common with Bush and Blair than she could have imagined. Then perhaps she may be what I refer to as one the nice New Agers—the uninitiated; the hypnotized—who is just coming to the realization of what is involved with conscious evolution.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that many fail to study all sides of political agendas. I appreciate your unbias outlook as you unveil less than holy intentions from both (conservative and liberal)ideologies. Thank you for your research, insight, boldness, and honesty.


Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Here is a link to one of Osolkowski's editorials which was published on December 24.

The editorial comparing Christians to the Taliban does not appear to be archived.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Here is the text of her latest post:

Writer questions if love is immoral?
Ms. Riley wasn't worried about her losing her freedoms. If she were, then she would have written a letter about how Bush's Patriot Act allowed American citizens to be jailed without representation and tortured and others to be spied on on the pretense that they were “terrorists.” She would have brought up how this same act allowed the government to take away legal guns during Katrina. What she was really complaining about is that gays and lesbians seem to be gaining freedoms that everyone else has. It seems Candice Riley is ready to send her four beautiful children to a Madrassa to learn hatred for gays. Proving that the American Taliban is no different than the Muslim Taliban.
To hate an entire segment of your community and, let's face it, the world, and to teach that hatred to your children is immoral. To deprive these people of their rights is immoral. To condemn people because of whom they love is despicable. Our country was founded on the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” it also mentions that “all men are created equal” and “with liberty and justice for all.” Yet she believes teaching her children to accept everyone is immoral? What a strange, twisted sense of morality this woman has. Why is she so obsessed about what other consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes? For all we know the GLBT community is another step in evolution (that she probably doesn't believe in either) designed by whatever God/dess, Supreme being/Nature to nurture the children that the heterosexual community throw away like used tissue paper. I assume her hatred is fueled by her Christian love. Christians are obsessed crotch-sniffers.
Candice is married and has four beautiful children but is determined that a loving gay couple will never have either. Sounds like “I've got mine and the hell with you” syndrome. Of course nothing that I say here will change her mind since she and her like-minded friends will quote very limited and well selected passages from the book of contradictions (Bible) to make them feel good about their hate. Just like snake handlers and preachers who justify war and slavery by quoting Bible verses. This isn't ridicule it's just pointing out how redic..... oh, I guess it is ridicule.
— Linda Osolkowski, Rib Lake

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

I found Osolkowski’s other piece of which an excerpt follows: To read the whole piece follow the link.

Greta Murray must be a psychic because she was warning us last week about all the evils of a health care bill that didn't exist. Scary stories of how they were going to force abortions and kill off the old and the ugly. You know, your typical Rush Limbaugh crap. She thought she knew everything that was in the bill a full six days before Congress was even sure. She's amazing. Wrong, but still amazing.
[To read position on health care follow link]
Republican and Christian logic. The Neumanns got probation for killing their kid, watching her suffer and “praying” over her because they belonged to the online church of the Holy Bread Loaf. While the Rastafarians, a well established religion, can't smoke ganja because it's illegal. Murder is illegal too. If I were the Rastifarians I would use this precedent. If I were the judge I would have denied the Neumanns health care until they died screaming. Prostitutes should start their own online church—Our Lady of the Back Seat. How about gun owners? They already have their Church of the NRA. Crack addicts could have Noelle B. Church of the Rock of Crack in the Sock. Oh, the possibilities. As for Greta, she could start her Church of the Holy Hypocrites.
The Guttmacher Institute in July of 2008 showed that 70 percent of abortions were performed on Christians. Twenty seven percent of abortions were performed on Catholics and 43 percent were Protestants. Christians should take that plank out of their eye before going after the sliver in anyone else's. Why do we humor the religious extremists and the Republican extremists? That's how the Middle East got the Taliban, that's how the Republican party has been reduced to the minority of rabid teabaggers.
Bill Maher said, “You can't change someone's mind if they don't have one.”
Their minds may change when they or their loved ones are denied coverage, or maybe not. “These people are so stupid, they make me even question evolution,” (Bill Maher). Yes, Bill, I see it every day.
— Linda Osolkowski, Rib Lake

Anonymous said...

Your posts never cease to amaze me Rich. critical info as truth shows itself again to be much stranger than fiction! Thanks for the research. things are coming round full-circle and its confirming and exciting like nothing i've ever looked into. Thank God for Jesus and the spirit of TRUTH! tony in vermont/blessings...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich,

Linda Osolkowski needs to be better educated. These are realist ethics. Even Plato and Aristotle's views on sexuality are in sync with Christianity. I suppose she thinks the fathers of Western Philosophy were the Taliban.

Christianity is not defined by belief in Jesus, but by a belief in reality. I am saying this because a realist Jesus leads to realist ethics, an anti-realist Jesus leads to bad ethics. Following this Jesus can take you straight to hell. Catholics are right, in saying faith alone does not save you.

Tommorrow, Maitreya can claim to be Jesus and ask us to have faith in him.


JD said...


I have some information you may want to see. I asked Susanna recently for some help investigating a hunch I had concerning the health care bill. What has been uncovered thus far is a very interesting web connecting the Bidens, Verichip, Obama, some Healthcare lobbying firms, Steven C. Rockefeller, George Soros, and several others. I don't want to spam your blog with all of this, so I am asking you to email me at the address provided in my profile, and I will gladly forward the info. I have sent the information already to Constance, but with her schedule of late she hasn't gotten back to me. I am also forwarding this info to Dorothy, as Susanna has communicated with her and she has expressed a desire for me to do so.

Also, I made a series of post earlier on Constance's blog you may be interested in. It appears our leaders are going to push the USA into the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

U.S. agrees to timetable for UN Gun Ban

U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade

U.S. Support for the Arms Trade Treaty

JD said...


I got your message from Dorothy and have forwarded the above mentioned info to your email.

Anonymous said...
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JD said...


Check your email and read the last couple emails from me. I believe I have pinpointed the initiative and its global! You need to see this!

Archie said...

I love this blog site! It helps me a lot. Just like KimClement. Please visit because there's a lot information about prophecy, prophet, and etc.


Anonymous said...

Revival is breaking out across the country. Holy Spirit is moving.

Anonymous said...
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Pete Mc said...

Rich I have linked to your blog from my website. Hope that is ok with you.
God bless
Pete McAdam

Rich Peterson - Medford said...


Thanks for linking.


Anonymous said...

Vimeo might be a better choice for hosting your presentation since they allow videos longer than 10 minutes. You would just need to compress it enough to fit within their weekly upload limit on free accounts. Shouldn't be a problem at all for a powerpoint.

Anonymous said...

The 'star of Bethlehem' is already in the sky for quite some time, but the way people go about it who even acknowledge is exactly the same like of a pecking chicken.