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June 13, 2010

Religious Freedom in Context of the Alliance of Civilizations

It was clear to me back in 2008 that unless the people of the United States woke up to the Alliance of Civilizations’ agenda that this country would partner with this vile thing. And so it has. On May 13 the State Department announced U.S. membership in the UN Alliance of Civilizations Initiative.

Worse yet is that this partnership happened with the help of the National Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the Fellowship Foundation, a.k.a. “The Family”. The 2010 breakfast featured Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero as its keynote speaker who professed Spain’s commitment to religious tolerance and pluralism along with its rejection of "exclusive ideology" and uncompromising fundamentalism. Zapatero's speech was a sales pitch for the Alliance of Civilizations. He was given a forum to introduce the United States Congress to what has become our new new strategic direction. Spain's reaction is not surprising...

Zapatero was not the first keynote speaker to direct the U.S. Congress down the Alliance's path. In 2009, Alliance implementation partner Tony Blair advanced the ideology that anything other than Universalism amounts to extremism. For Blair western democracies' long standing principles of religious tolerance is not enough. For if one rejects "the Other's" faith as not equally valid, then one becomes "intolerant" and is identified with extremism. This intolerance will not be tolerated. The basis of interfaith dialogue—“all [religions] different, all [outcomes] equal”—is absurd. For this requires that faiths discard their core teachings and favor of a “common spiritual value” which, as a result, redefines them. I have noticed that both Tony Blair's and President Obama's speeches echo the words of AoC High Level Group member Karen Armstrong.

Now would be a good time to review the Fellowship Foundation which has shown itself to be bedfellows with the Alliance of Civilizations. And in light of Spain's recent conference on religious tolerance within the framework of the Alliance of Civilizations, a review of this framework would also be timely.

Constance Cumbey’s research provides invaluable insight into why a “Christian” foundation would support an initiative which seeks to destroy Christianity and religious orthodoxy. One of her most disturbing discoveries was that the Fellowship Foundation had received $1.777 million from Institute of Noetic Sciences’ co-founder Paul Temple.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a group of conscious evolutionists! They believe that they have evolved to a higher, super human species called homo noeticus. Barbara Marx Hubbard refers to this species as homo universalis. They call for the extinction of the lower--or "egocentric" species. Where in not-too-distant history have we heard this before?

I have provided the following links to Mrs. Cumbey’s work on the Fellowship Foundation.

And finally, it is important to show exactly what it is the Fellowship Foundation, a.k.a., “The Family” and the Alliance of Civilizations supports. Presenting Religious Freedom within the Context of the Alliance of Civilizations.