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December 23, 2008

Fuhrer Rising

In May 1982 a man named Benjamin Crème published full page ads in newspapers throughout the world proclaiming “the Christ is Now Here”. That ad campaign was intended to prepare the population to accept the Theosophical teaching that Maitreya (a messiah rooted in occultism) and his entourage (the masters of wisdom) were about to step forward and govern the earth. According to the ads, Maitreya was to make his appearance within two months. That never happened. Maitreya’s delayed career caused embarrassment for many Theosophical circles. Crème subsequently changed the name of his organization to Share International.

Crème later explained that Maitreya’s delay was because humanity had not been adequately conditioned to accept his teachings. Hence Maitreya would occupy himself working to lessen the severity of natural disasters until conditions are right for his emergence. We learned the masters of wisdom would further condition humanity and emit stronger “initiatory rays of enlightenment” upon the earth. Those attuned to those impulses would receive them and be prepared for transcendence. Perhaps this conditioning is best portrayed in a prayer called the Great Invocation—when recited aloud is believed to quicken Maitreya’s arrival: “let purpose guide the little wills of men, the purpose which the masters know and serve”.

And shortly thereafter more aggressive conditioning did take place. A key Theosophical doctrine that all religions worship the same god but follow different paths to the Almighty was being projected everywhere: books, talk shows, entertainment, and even church pulpits. We were flattered with how wise we are because our souls were old and had passed through many life cycles. This “wisdom” had prepared us for the coming earth changes, or conscious evolution. Corporations everywhere required employees to attend “diversity training” where we were introduced to meditation. According to Theosophy, meditation, along with initiation, is the glue that binds together the new civilization. While many people consider meditation to be contemplation, the new age forms desire an outcome which leads to altered states of consciousness or a self-induced hypnotic state. Once one becomes accustomed to entering in and out of hypnotic states, I cannot help but believe that person has become vulnerable and easily manipulated by another trained hypnotist. Benjamin Crème has said that when Maitreya emerges he will appear on television and telepathically communicate to each of his followers in their own language. This claim brings to memory old film footage I've watched of Hitler's Germany where people appear to be locked in a trance.

Should we dismiss Crème’s writings because he erred in 1982? I believe doing so would be a mistake. Crème, once again, is publishing press releases with a renewed vigor. His latest, which may be read on the online edition of the Wall Street Journal, indicates that Maitreya is ready to start his career and build upon the earth a “brilliant new civilization”.

This press release concerns me because over the past year I’ve noticed a significant level of cooperation between Crème’s Share International, the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations, and the Aquarian Age Community. The Aquarian Age Community—the spiritual foundation of the United Nations—also recognizes Maitreya as the coming world spiritual and political leader. Both Crème and the Aquarian Community have expressed the opinion that the Alliance of Civilizations is the vehicle which will be used to materialize the new civilization.

According to the press releases, Maitreya is to be the Christ to Christians, the Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Krishna to Hindus, the Messiah to Jews, and Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists. Many people who subscribe to this universalist doctrine may find themselves in a bit of a dilemma. Does Maitreya fulfill your prophetic expectations or do your religious texts portray something altogether different? Is your Christ really Maitraya? If you reject the universalist doctrine, according to the Alliance of Civilizations you have an “exclusionary” ideology and are prone to violent radicalization and have terrorist leanings.

In the Armageddon Script, Theosophist Peter Lemesurier wrote that they have studied all the world religions and intend to fulfill all religions’ prophetic expectations so they can get on with the business of creating a new heaven and earth of their own devising. Share International has consistently said that Maitreya would not appear until the United States has economically collapsed and the world feels the pain of a global economic meltdown. I cannot help but believe the economic collapse was assisted with a push. The Alliance of Civilizations has said it could not implement its agenda until the United States’ sovereignty was redefined and subject to global governance.

Throughout 2008 Alliance of Civilizations’ Co-chair Federico Mayor’s message has been “no more delays. No more reports. No more meetings to agree on what has been agreed upon for years. It is time for action”. It is time for action; these words sound familiar to those of us who have read Peter Lemesurier’s Armageddon Script: “Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready. Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come.”

Let us remember the history of what happens when man attempts to become God.

October 26, 2008

Obama's Socialist Vision?

In 2007 European Union High Representative Javier Solana launched an initiative called Managing Global Insecurity saying “the aim of this project is ambitious and urgent: to launch a new reform effort for the global security system in 2009”. At that time, Solana told the United States that we will enter into the system of global governance by year end 2008. This initiative is ambitious. It bridges multiple interlocking security initiatives for use in the administration of global governance. Most notable is the Shared Security doctrine which aims to incorporate civil society and the military into one security apparatus. The idea is that in a world without borders traditional threats to nations no longer are other states; rather they come from radicalized individuals who reside within the nation. This is the core of the United Nations global counter-terrorism strategy. Nations therefore need to practice “responsible democracy” to ensure protection of the global citizenry— “we the people of the United Nations”—and root out terrorists from within. Solana refers to this aswar amongst the people”. The result is to be a global human security zone.

Spearheading the
implementation of Shared Security is an organization which I have monitored from its beginnings—the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. The Alliance of Civilizations professes its mission to be “the global governance of the culture”. Its foundation is traceable to the European Union’s social cohesion policy—the social dimension of the Barcelona Process—as architected by former Marxist and present socialist Javier Solana. Solana’s social cohesion strategy was formed to “straighten out the clash of civilizations” by creating a new common civilization based upon a system of “shared values”. The new civilization will be realized once it has successfully combated religious fundamentalism worldwide. In 2006 Solana’s vision moved a step closer to reality when Kofi Annan made the Alliance of Civilizations the central organ of the United Nations global counter-terrorism strategy. The work of the Alliance includes the establishment of a global ethic and identification of those radical ideologies which lead to terrorism.

Despite Alliance of Civilizations’ claims that they seek religious tolerance, the opposite is true. As one takes the time to read what the Alliance is saying, it becomes glaringly clear that the initiative is openly hostile towards religion, in particular the three monotheistic faiths. Angelo Santagostino Chair of European Economic Integration describes the initiative as “offensive and unjustifiably hostile towards religion. The Alliance’s governing body, the High Level Group, attributes religious fundamentalism and extremism to those who refuse to agree with a Universalist world view that we all worship the same God but follow different paths. Those individuals, they say, have adopted ‘exclusivist” ideologies which are violently radicalizing. Political dissenters who oppose globalization also fall into this category. Organizations such as Hezbollah are now considered reasonable because they practice “tactical terrorism” meaning that they have a political wing with which negotiations are possible. Karen Armstrong, apostate nun, “religious historian” and Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group member earlier this year announced that she is writing guidelines for the interpretation of religious texts. The High Level Group has said that they have conducted a pedagogical exercise in truth which they will provide the civilization in mid 2010 and it is only extremists who will reject it. One might expect Armstrong’s guidelines to reflect her personal theological arguments such as Christians have perverted religious texts by adopting a belief in Christ’s divinity; the serpent was more truthful than God in the garden; that God has an evil impulse and that, being a good thing, is something we need to embrace; Mary, upon learning of her pregnancy, broke into song of the coming new world order, ad nauseum.

The Alliance of Civilizations and Shared Security have been given teeth. Solana envisions his global model of Civilian Military Co-operation (CIMIC) which subjects civil society to military rule to be implemented in the event of a crisis. Solana, being a former Secretary-General of NATO, has incorporated the Alliance of Civilizations and the Barcelona Process into the NATO framework through the
Riga and Prague Summit Declarations. Solana has repeatedly said the goal is to utilize American assets. The Berlin-Plus Agreement signed by President Bush gives Solana control of American assets in the event of a crisis situation. Solana’s Headline Goals which highly militarizes the European Union is scheduled to be fully functioning in 2010. Solana speaks the language of peace while preparing for war.

I write this because America is about to step deeper into this mess. I, as do other Americans, desire change but not at the cost of implementing a version of European socialism which has wreck havoc on world before. We are already witnessing the nationalization of the banking system and not only within the United States, but at a global level. This may be the global crisis the Solana seeks to turn into opportunity.

In the upcoming elections, what I am finding troubling is that on Barack
Obama’s blog one may find his support for the Alliance of Civilizations initiative. He has said that in the interests of the common humanity, he will spend $5 billion annually during the first three years of his presidency implementing a Shared Security doctrine. I would ask of Barack Obama to carefully re-examine his affiliations and in particular the Alliance of Civilizations initiative. It is worth heeding Angelo Santagostino’s warning that “the UN has been often under attack as a useless institution. This time it has shown itself to be not so much useless but actually dangerous.”

Here is the slightly different version of the above article published by the Central Wisconsin Star News.

August 6, 2008

An Open Letter to Politicians Regarding the Alliance of Civilizations Initiative

Early in my research I couldn’t help but notice New Zealand’s heavy participation in the Alliance of Civilizations initiative. New Zealand is strategically important to the Alliance of Civilizations in that it is considered to be the bridge between Asia and the West. New Zealand planned the advancement of the Alliance of Civilizations throughout the Asia-Pacific during its 2007 Auckland Symposium. What a thrill it must have been for Javier Solana as he witnessed first hand the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (AESAN) officially incorporate his Alliance of Civilizations social cohesion policy into its framework during the 40th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting.

One morning early this year as I started my routine of coffee and checking e-mail, I noticed a letter from one of my New Zealand readers. This gentleman asked for my opinion on a letter he had received from his country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters. Mr. Peters’ letter addressed an inquiry questioning why New Zealand had financially supported an initiative such as the Alliance of Civilizations which sought to syncretize religion. As I read Mr. Peters’ letter I was troubled by his assurances that Christians need not worry as we have representation by respected “Christian” theologians and historians on the High Level Group. I thought to myself you are going to have to do better than that. Giving Mr. Peters the benefit of the doubt, I proceeded to provide my reader with educational materials he might pass along to Mr. Peters if he were so inclined. To date, Mr. Peters has not responded. I’ve been told not to expect a response from Mr. Peters anytime soon as he is preoccupied with a financial scandal for failure to disclose a $100,000 gift.

What follows is Winston Peters’ letter regarding the Alliance of Civilizations. Click on the files to expand them. Following that is the letter that was sent to Mr. Peters. This letter is not only for Mr. Peters, but to all politicians who may be mislead and involved with the Alliance of Civilizations initiative. To those, I urge you to examine the evidence and reconsider your positions.

Follow up letter to Mr. Peters or whomever this may apply:

Dear Rt Hon Winston Peters:

Thank you for your response to my inquiry regarding the Alliance of Civilisations (AoC) initiative. I believe you have correctly stated that New Zealanders are concerned with countering violence and terrorism as well as avoiding Samuel Huntington’s theorised “clash of civilisations”. However, I believe that once New Zealanders become aware of some of the underlying aspects of the AoC initiative that they will call for a different solution to the problem. The purpose of this letter is to alert you to some of those aspects which you may not be aware.

A paper prepared for the August 2007 Clash or Cooperation of Civilizations Workshop questioned why Spain choose to introduce the Alliance of Civilisations initiative to the United Nations rather than the European Union?1 It concluded that the European Union already has an alliance of civilisations in the form of the Barcelona Process and that implementation of the initiative at the international level would globalise Spain’s social cohesion policies. The social cohesion dimension of the Barcelona Process was first developed and introduced by Javier Solana in 1995 while he served as Spain’s rotational president on the European Council. The social dimension has the objective to create a common civilisation through cultural integration and the combating of religious fundamentalism worldwide2. Approaching its10-year anniversary in November 2005, the Barcelona Process appeared to be a European embarrassment and destined for failure.3 Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had warned a month earlier that the EU could not become a global power without the Alliance of Civilisations.4 During the Barcelona +10 Conference, Javier Solana took measures to strengthen the Process by partnering the Anna Lindh Foundation with the AoC5. The Process of social cohesion was solidified as a result of the cartoon crisis in which Javier Solana, Zapatero, Erdogan, and the AoC High Level Group (HLG) were able to act quickly and turn crisis into opportunity.6

Solana’s social cohesion policy objective to combat religious fundamentalism is one that deserves scrutinisation and definition. A thorough examination of AoC’s writings begins to show we are presently at a dangerous intersection of state regulation vs. religious freedom. The AoC has said that rather than ban religion, it should bring it under the control of a centralised governing authority.7 The Final Report of the High Level Group calls for registration of all religious schools8 as well as a requirement that they teach “sound” interpretation of their texts9. The Alliance of Civilisations has said that it has conducted an exercise in truth and intends to provide that truth to all individuals. Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero has said that religion is the “tobacco of the people”.10 His government’s contribution to the initiative directs the Alliance to counter “those who feed on exclusion and claim sole ownership of the truth”.11 This direction ought to make one pause especially since the HLG has been placed in the position of formulating the global conscience for the United Nations’ Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy12. HLG member John Esposito has said that any person who believes their religion to be true and another’s to be false has adopted the “theology of hate” which Esposito continues on and associates them with terrorism.13 It escapes Esposito’s attention that every religion makes an “exclusive” truth claim, including the theology currently being advanced by High Level Group.

I would like to briefly discuss Karen Armstrong as you indicated she provides Christian representation on the HLG. Karen Armstrong, a former Catholic nun, after leaving the church identified herself as an atheist. Following a television career in which she says she attempted to destroy religion, she had what she describes as a mystical experience. This is reflected in her approach to religion. Armstrong is openly sympathetic to and espouses Share International’s14 “Maitreya the Christ is now here” doctrines15 which are anti-Semitic, anti-fundamentalist, and anti-Catholic. In a recent Share International interview, Armstrong launches various attacks against Christianity and, in particular, the core theological foundation of Christian belief, i.e., Christ’s divinity.16 Having been a former nun, surely she must realise this would be considered heresy by Vatican’s standards.”17 It is these types of inflammatory remarks that the AoC claims to avoid. It appears this may be a doctrine derived from the AoC’s exercise in truth and may foreshadow what we might expect of “sound religious interpretation” to be provided to Christians. Armstrong further accuses Christians of anti-Semitism for opposing mandatory “baptism” which Share International refers to as mandatory “initiation.”18 She also incorrectly accuses Christians of opposing democracy. Perhaps she has confused Christians’ opposition to democracy with that of Giandomenico Picco’s AoC-advanced “safe democracy” which calls for the exclusion of the people and national parliaments from the political process.19

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s has advanced the same theological arguments. Along with his attacks on Christian and Muslim theology, he has aligned himself with extremist organizations. An example may be found in Desmond Tutu’s service on the World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality20 which seats individuals such as Barbara Marx Hubbard who openly calls for planetary genocide to be conducted through what she identifies as a “selection process”.21 By Hubbard’s account, one is given the opportunity to undergo planetary “initiation” or face personal extinction. Hubbard says that ‘we come to bring death…we do this for the sake of the planet…the riders of the pale horse are about to pass among you…they will separate the wheat from the chaff…this is the most painful hour in earth’s history.”22 Clearly Hubbard’s writings epitomise extremism and violent radicalisation. Should not Archbishop Tutu denounce such extremist theology rather than align himself with it?

Finally, the AoC, the Helsinki Process and Religions for Peace have jointly introduced the doctrine of “Shared Security”23 which incorporates the doctrines of Canadian-architected Responsibility to Protect and the European Union’s Human Security. On the surface these doctrines appear benign, but an in-depth examination shows a security model in which the military polices the civilian population. A summary of this model may be found in Javier Solana’s Human Security Doctrine for Europe where he calls for “the human security response force should be multinational with national military building blocks not below battalion level.” 24

In conclusion, the AoC’s formation to counter “cross-cultural polarisation” involves a militarised interlocking network comprising mainly of NATO, the EU, and UN “peacekeeping” forces. As Australian Dr. Mike Ellis has correctly observed regarding the AoC’s mission to address cross-cultural polarisation, “Is this not indeed, a euphemism, for the involvement of the military using "dual-use" technology in law enforcement affairs in secular society?” 25 These are but a few criticisms of the Alliance of Civilisations initiative. As Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration Angelo Santagostino has concluded “the UN has been often under attack as a useless institution. This time it has shown itself to be not so much useless but actually dangerous.”26

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July 24, 2008

Pillars of the "Alliance of Civilization" The Earth Charter

I had intended to copy into my blogspot for some time now an excellent piece from Constance Cumbey's pen. Pillars of the "Alliance of Civilization" The Earth Charter is one of the best articles I've read on the topic and one I find useful as a reference. I post it here for those researching the Alliance of Civilizations.

By: Constance Cumbey
January 10, 2007

A primary source for what was to become known as the Alliance of Civilizations, was the “Earth Charter Initiative.” Some chroniclers trace it back only as far as the 1987 Brundtland Commission. The Earth Charter Declaration contains language startlingly reminiscent of its salvation-based religion baiting precedents, Humanist Manifesto and the Humanist Manifesto II. One prominent Earth Charter proponent, Maurice Strong, was quoted saying that the Earth Charter would become as important as the Ten Commandments. Conflicting histories have been given and it appears that it was in progress, per Maurice Strong, much earlier than the 1987 Brundtland Commission.

  • "The whole question of an Earth Charter was in fact on the UN Agenda at Rio. We didn't quite make it. We did make some progress. At the Stockholm Conference, which was the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, governments agreed to a historic declaration, which moved the world community towards what we now call an Earth Charter. Then, at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, as the Secretary General of that conference, I challenged governments to produce an Earth Charter.[1]

This obvious phase of implementation of what former UN Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller and Maurice Strong alike would acknowledge was “The Plan” was being developed on Muller’s Costa Rican turf in 1995.[2] For me 1995 was an interesting year. It was then I discovered the existence of another interesting “eminent personality,” in the form of one Dr. Javier Solana. He also has had enormous input in the “Alliance of Civilizations.”

If the declared agenda of the Alliance of Civilizations of regulating religious schools and their curriculums seem potentially draconian, its incorporated “Earth Charter” is even stranger. It had a Vermont eerie coming out party, complete with drums and masks, preceding on September 9, 2001. This happened at Shelburne Farms, Vermont. “Eminent personalities” who were part of that party included Dr. Steven Rockefeller, Jane Goodall. New Age musician Paul Winter and “peace walker” Satish Kumar.

Clearly, their Moloch was not appeased. Only two tragic days later the Eastern USA skies were aflame. The Twin Towers burned, the Pentagon burned, and an assaulted plane crashed and burned over Pennsylvania. The ritual masks and pagan drumbeat to usher their version of a 21st Century “Ark of the Covenant” clearly had not inoculated the world against war.

Another source of both Alliance of Civilizations and The Earth Charter inputs include Mikhail Gorbachev’s Green Cross. Author Wayne Peterson, a former United States State Department official and Fulbright Scholar executive wittingly or unwittingly reveals much of the possible agenda. He claims to personally knows Mikhail Gorbachev to be open devotee of “Maitreya, the Christ.”

This may be entirely possible. The Earth Charter website says it was “restarted” by Strong and Gorbachev “with the assistance of the government of the Netherlands.” Many New Age guides to Europe in my personal library say Holland is the New Age capital of Europe. Apart from the obvious Findhorn Community (Scotland) claims, this may well be true. As early as 1903 a major Theosophical world congress was held in Amsterdam. During the 1920’s Theosophists were vigorously working to smooth the way for world acceptance of a “Day of Declaration.” Jiddhu Krishnamurti was anointed by Annie Besant, then Theosophical Society leader to be the “new Christ” and lead the world into a “New Order.” Dutch Queen Wilhelmina was an open devotee of Krishnamurti and eagerly awaited that “Day of Declaration,” offering Dutch national radio to broadcast the awaited Maitreyan acceptance speech. World theosophists flocked to the Theosophists Holland Camp Ommen. There they camped and shared vegetarian picnics out while taking part in convocations with “sacred fires.”

At Eerde, Holland, Krishnamurti had a lavish castle formerly belonging to a member of Dutch nobility. There he spent pre-Day of Declaration days with his Annie Besant and other followers. Several years later, in World War II, the Nazi warriors used Camp Ommen as a concentration camp. After Krishnamurti failed to deliver the acceptance speech, or so the official version goes, Annie Besant supposedly dissolved the “Order of the Star” connected with the “Christ’s reappearance.” Reportedly, she returned moneys to donors. I say supposedly, because despite these historical representations, I have amassed a collection of Order of the Star publications going through the mid 1930s and it appears that meetings were going on in Holland as well. Perhaps it was God who was not ready rather than Krishnamurti who expressed regrets from time to time in later life that he had not fully fulfilled his role as “the vehicle for the Christ.”

This is the Earth Charter Initiative’s own version of the time and events:

  • The World Commission on Environment and Development (aka "the Brundtland Commission") called for “a universal declaration” and “new charter” to set “new norms” to guide the transition to sustainable development. (Our Common Future, 1987)
  • A draft UN Earth Charter was developed for the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, but the time for such a declaration was not right. The Rio Declaration became the statement of the achievable consensus at that time.
  • In 1994, Maurice Strong (Chairman of the Rio Summit) and Mikhail Gorbachev, working through organizations they each founded (Earth Council and Green Cross International respectively), restarted the Earth Charter as a civil society initiative, with the help of the Government of the Netherlands. The initial drafting and consultation process drew on hundreds of international documents.
  • Messrs. Strong and Gorbachev convened an independent Earth Charter Commission in 1997 to oversee the final development of the text and to come to agreement on a global consensus document.[3]

Bottom line: As one primary pillar of the now shaping Alliance of Civilizations, we have an Soviet atheist turned New Ager combining with an equally fervent Canadian billionaire devotee, both true believers in an alleged “Maitreya the Christ,” the latter particularly working openly with Lucis Trust, the offspring of Alice and Foster Bailey’s original “Lucifer Publishing Company.”

That such is taken seriously in more than esoteric circles is easily proved. One illustration is an article in the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law on December 2, 2001. Had a Christian or Jew dare suggest that this was God’s judgment on an idolatrous world, the outcry would still be heard. However, this suggestion that we all join in common earth worship passed at least the scrutiny of editors of what was supposed to be a respected legal journal:

  • World tragedies necessitate the reaction of a united global society dedicated to responsible action and committed to peace. Identifying a common motivation and mode of communication to which all individuals can relate is a prerequisite component to avoiding destruction and moving towards progress. Humanity's dependence upon the planet earth serves as the natural primary connection between all people. By joining this undeniable truth with the notions underpinning the Earth Charter,[1] a blue print for building a new foundation to address our current reality can be identified.

Where this is heading and where environmentalists and New Agers alike are harmonically converging is clearly in the direction of earth worship and beyond to universe/cosmos adoration. Bundled in with the concept is one of gratitude to [gasp!] Lucifer himself, whom Benjamin Crème proudly proclaimed on one unwilling radio debate he did with me in the early 1980s, “made a tremendous sacrifice for our planet.” Evidently Lucifer, per Crème, ran a Garden of Eden intervention challenging God to see that we properly “evolved” rather than vegetate in a tropical garden. As a result, per Crème, Lucifer is the “prodigal son.” It is startling in personal conversations I have had with some in those circles that God is expected to welcome Lucifer back with open arms. A related belief is that those forever barred from the new Utopian Eden are those who stood in Lucifer’s way. This is a strange perversion of Judeo/Christian theology, widely published from sources such as Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and David Spangler. Lucis Trust has offered to cap it all off by allowing the world to use their “Great Invocation,” presumably a forced replacement to “The Lord’s Prayer” and “23rd Psalm.”

Such idolatry is condemned across the board by traditional monotheistic theology. Catholics as part of their baptismal rites say, “Do you reject Satan? The congregation is expected to answer, “I do.” “And all of his works? I do”

The biblical Book of Revelation contains a stern warning in chapter 14 that all should “fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come. Worship God who created the heaven, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of waters.” The Earth Covenant and its new bible called “the Book of Temenos” frighteningly reverse that command to one that inverts it to the very worship condemned: “If any man worships the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation.” Those worshiping the “beast and his image” and receiving the mark of his name were to “have no rest day nor night.”[4]

An even earlier proponent, working even closer to the time of the Krishnamurti era envisioned a scenario startlingly close to what now appears to be full process. H. G. Wells wrote in his 1928 book, THE OPEN CONSPIRACY; BLUEPRINTS FOR A WORLD REVOLUTION:

  • "Whenever possible, the Open Conspiracy will advance by illumination and persuasion. But it has to advance and even from the outset where it is not allowed to illuminate and persuade it must fight . . .in the face of unscrupulous opposition creative ideas must become aggressive, must define their enemies, and attack them. . . . The Open Conspiracy rests upon a disrespect for "nationality . . ."

Again, I say, "fasten your seatbelts, friends. We are in for a bumpy ride. Keep the faith!"

1, See "Earth Council: Papers" and here.

2, In his UN retirement, Robert Muller moved to Costa Rica to chair the UN University there.

3, Origin and history of the Earth Charter

4, See Revelation (Apocalypse) Chapter 14, verses 6 through 12).

July 13, 2008

The Devil in Drag

In the small town where I live attacks against Christians regularly appear in our local newspaper. The new agers love to use the term crisis = opportunity. As I read these attacks I think of them as hostility = opportunity. One writer in particular despises Christians and places all of the world's ills at our feet. That being said, it is her latest opinion piece which leads me to this next blog post which will be published in this Thursday's newspaper.

It looks as though Linda Osolkowski wants to talk about religious extremism and silly beliefs. In her latest vox pops she ridiculed Dr. Uhri for having what she considers a ridiculous belief system. She goes as far as to sarcastically suggest Dr. Uhri believes gravity to be only a theory. It is not uncommon for Osolkowski to publicly mock Christians as in past posts she has ridiculed doctrines such as the rapture while touting her “goddess” worship as being firmly based in reason. So it is time to further examine her new age mindset and the theology which surrounds the goddess.

The goddess identifiable by many names was known to the Egyptians as Isis, the Greeks as Demeter-Persephone, to the Romans Diana and, at present, is commonly known as Sophia-Gaia. Gaia is most recognizable to people as “Mother Earth”. Although the goddess’ theology varies amongst Sophiologists the core belief system remains common. Hence I will present the goddess from the perspectives of her story tellers, those credited with heralding in the new age and popularizing her in the west, namely H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner.

In the beginning God existed as one in the form of a polarity: the divine masculine and the divine feminine (Sophia). Together they co-created the universe. Each entity was a conjoined triune deity, the male being the Father, Logos and Holy Spirit and the female being the Mother, Daughter and World Soul. In the goddess’ zeal to create, she formed the cosmos independently of her male counterpart resulting in a mistake which caused the divine feminine to separate from the divine masculine. Upon her descent Ialdabaoth, the God of Israel, taunted her so she gave her light to the sun and became the earth where she remains in the depths of the under world longing to reunite to the divine masculine. The universal prayer to the goddess opens as “our Mother, who art in the depths of the under world”. Her only hope to reconnect to the divine masculine has been to facilitate humanity’s evolution to its final stage by emitting evolutionary impulse streams through her spiral vortexes. It is only when humanity becomes attuned to her impulses and by adopting a global consciousness—the World Soul—that the goddess will become redeemed and able to reunite to the divine masculine. The final earthly stage of human development is considered to be the most painful period in earth’s evolutionary process because not everyone is attuned to the goddess’ impulse streams. Those individuals, primarily monotheists and political dissenters, are considered to be the World Soul’s karmic opposites which inhibit the goddess’ redemption. Shirley McClain, among many, explains that their karmic opposites soon await their fate in “karmageddon”. Once the “World Soul” eliminates its karmic opposites, it will have become divine and transcend thereby bringing an end to time and death. This transcended humanity will move forward to become co-creators with the rejoined godhead culminating its journey partaking in the Vulcan stage of cosmic evolution wherein they will realign the cosmos by transforming the earth into a new sun.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Mother Earth’s (Gaia’s) keeper—the Pleiadians—as they too emit impulses through her vortexes. The Pleiadians, from the planetary star Alcyone, are hosting in honor of Gaia’s redemption a cosmic party to commence on December 21, 2012. They have chosen to communicate their agenda by channeling their writings through Barbara Hand Clow’s Pleiadian Agenda. They do so as they recognize some goddess worshippers have been lazy and not adequately expanded their levels of consciousnesses by focusing their meditative energies into the reptilian forces. According to the Pleiadians, not everyone has an invitation to the cosmic party—only those who recognize that Lucifer lives within them and are willing to undergo a Luciferic initiation. This is a common theme in new age literature and one which is problematic for the world’s monotheists as they recognize Lucifer to be none other than Satan. As clearly presented throughout their writings, Blavatsky and Steiner agree that Satan and Lucifer at the same. They however exhibit great admiration for him. Per Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, “In this case it is but natural…to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind…” Blavatsky also identifies the goddess Sophia and Lucifer to be one and the same—Lucifer’s female persona. Maybe the devil really does wear Prada. The Pleiadians tell us how to recognize the start of the cosmic party—it will commence when their mother ship enters earth’s atmosphere. As one can see, “goddess” theology is based upon "solid scientific inquiry".

Although I disagree with theologies such as the goddess, I would defend anyone’s right to believe it. It is when governments—such as the new global order and its governmental structures—demand that individuals shift their religious beliefs to one centered around earth-worship and the acceptance of their political-spiritual cosmic Christ that they have crossed the line into dictatorship and have themselves adopted an ideology of religious extremism. Global governmental organizations such as the Alliance of Civilizations, Gorbachev’s Earth Charter, the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, etc., etc. openly portray such a system. They have formulated a strategy to rid themselves of dissenters by identifying those individuals as religious extremists who are prone to violent radicalization. Osolkowski attempted to do the same in her latest vox pops. The Alliance of Civilizations has said that it is a sovereign United States which presently stands in its way of globally deploying its new spirituality. It has further called for the abolition of national parliaments worldwide. At least in the United States, despite our flaws, we can voice our opinions without the threat of death. There are visible signs that this too is shifting as leadership in both the Republican and Democratic parties rush towards handing over our national sovereignty in the interest of global governance. So if Linda wishes to further discuss religious extremism and silly religious beliefs we too are willing to participate in that discussion.

May 31, 2008

The Xtian Theology of Desmond Tutu

Each year during the Christmas season I see advertisements for Xmas gifts, Xmas trees, etc. I tend to offer those stores year round consistency and X them off as places I will ever shop. As I see it, how is it they show contempt yet expect us to support them? I use this analogy to illustrate a point. Earlier this year a reader forwarded me a letter he received from his country’s minister of foreign affairs regarding the Alliance of Civilizations. This minister, addressing issues raised about the AoC, assured the individual that there was no cause for concern because there is Christian representation on the High Level Group. The names provided were Desmond Tutu and Karen Armstrong. I nearly laughed when I read this section of the letter and said aloud “who do you think you’re fooling”. Thus, I decided to devote blog topics to these High Level Group members and provide readers with a glimpse of their theologies. Let us begin with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Before I read Desmond Tutu’s book God Has A Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time, I was puzzled by his participation as a High Level Group member of the Alliance of Civilizations. After all, my impressions of the man were initially favorable. In his book Forgiveness he described some of the most awful of atrocities carried out by South Africa’s apartheid regime. He appeared to be a man who condemned violence, government oppression, genocide, and human rights violations. So how is it this man became a participant in the system of world government—a system which he ought to recognize and heed the scriptural warnings? Could it be he isn’t aware of the global government’s population reduction agenda or its required “initiation” of the masses? After reading the blueprint of the World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality—a commission on which Desmond Tutu serves—I removed any doubts that Desmond Tutu knows exactly what he is supporting.

As one reads the Commission’s blueprint, it is clear that they intend to “activate” an “evolutionary” process in which they will reckon with “pathologies” (individuals) whom they consider to be of a lower species (egocentric mind) and unite and transcend their more highly-evolved (universal mind) civilization. As found in history’s not-too-distant past, the portrayal is of an advancement of a superhuman race. Although the blueprint’s views are not isolated to any one individual commissioner, this identical theme may be found in Commissioner Barbara Marx Hubbard’s writings. Hubbard’s book Happy Birthday Planet Earth which is quite small yet filled with threats, provides an overview of the impending “selection process”.

We are instructed that everyone on the planet is to be given a choice—either transcend with the collective or face personal extinction. This is a theology which Desmond Tutu ought, and still has the opportunity, to denounce.

I would encourage Desmond Tutu to look at Commissioner Hubbard’s materials and in particular those related to the “activation” of the selection process. The Book of Co-Creation: An Evolutionary Interpretation of the New Testament Part III, provides insight. Here Hubbard’s explanation of Revelation 13: 16-17, I suspect, would make Karen Armstrong proud as Hubbard leaves this piece of scripture giving it a “charitable interpretation”. Revelation 13:16-17 reads:

  • “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark on their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Throughout Hubbard’s writings, the interpretation applied to this scripture is one of liberation—that of a loving birth:

  • “In the negative scenario, John foresaw the possibility of total domination of humanity by a dictator who wields the power of science and technology to control rather than to emancipate…for the science and technology has only now emerged, to be used or misused according to which scenario your generation chooses—Armageddon or loving birth.” Book of Co-Creation Part III - Pg. 127

This alone ought to make Archbishop Tutu pause and recognize the system in which he has become entangled. I’m not holding my breath on that one though as the archbishop tends to have contempt for literalists and those who do good and seek their rewards in heaven.

  • “Often we focus too much on concrete images of God and on overly literal readings of the Bible…The Bible is not something that came dropping from heaven, written by the hand of God. It was written by human beings, so it uses human idiom and is influenced by the context in which whatever story was written. People need to be very careful. Many tend to be literalists, people who believe in the verbal inerrancy of the bible, who speak as if God dictated the Bible, when in fact God used human beings as they were, and they spoke only as they could speak at that time. There are parts of the Bible that have no permanent worth—that is nothing to be sorry about, it is just to say that it is the Word of God in the words of men and women.” God Has A Dream – Pg. 105-106
  • “A church that tries to pacify us, telling us not to concentrate on the things of this world but of the other, the next world, needs to be treated with withering scorn and contempt as being not only wholly irrelevant but actually blasphemous.” God Has A Dream - Pg. 65

The entire foundation of Christianity is based upon Christ’s bodily resurrection. It is noteworthy to recognize Archbishop Tutu’s position here:

  • “But when we say Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, you don’t believe that he got into a kind of ecclesiastical lift that took him into the stratosphere. This is language that is being used figuratively because the realities that are being described are not human realities, they are supranatural realities. When we speak even about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is not the revivification of a corpse.” God Has A Dream – Pg. 107

Desmond Tutu has clearly made his choice—a new spirituality for a new age.

  • “I knew it was important to cultivate an authentic spirituality of transformation in that transition period of flux, bewilderment, violence, and turbulence. This authentic spirituality of transformation is the basis for any true and lasting transfiguration in our world…we are all meant to answer God’s call to be His partners in transfiguring the world.” God Has A Dream – Pg 108-109

But whose world is Desmond Tutu working towards? For its conclusion is:

  • “Even if God’s dream were to come true, there would still be pain in childbirth, torment in illness, and anguish in death. Sadness, longing, and heartache would not disappear.” God Has A Dream – Pg 72

which is significantly different than that promised by the Most High:

  • “And there shall no longer be any curse; and the throne of God and the Lamb shall be in it, and His bond-servants shall serve Him;” Revelation 22:3

Response to Desmond Tutu’s theology:
As an additional note, I cannot exit this post without providing a scriptural response to Archbishop Tutu’s “Christian” theology. Regarding statements on:

The value of scripture:

  • "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness” 2 Timothy 3:16

The next world:

  • “By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance…for he was looking for the city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God…But as it is, they desire a better country, that is a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has prepared a city for them.” Hebrews 11:8-15

Christ’s bodily resurrection:

  • “Then He said to Thomas, “Reach here your finger, and see My hands; and reach here your hand, and put it into My side; and be not unbelieving, but believing.” Thomas answered and said to Him, Lord and my God!” John 20:27-28

April 28, 2008

"Minding" Our Youth through a Children's State

This article is the last of three in a series which compares the legal and cultural changes being made by today’s global government to those made by Hitler’s Third Reich. Part I, Ghost of Nazi Past, Ghost of Nazi Present focused on cultural, media, parliamentary, and judicial manipulations. Part II, Mobilising People and Actions for War focused on science, religion, religious education and spiritual mobilization. This last section is about the shaping (or reshaping) of young minds or, as the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality refers to it, activating the “science of minding”. Again I draw comparisons to the Third Reich from Richard Evans’ book The Third Reich in Power with my citations indicated by bold type.

During the second world war the Nazis had successfully undermined the role of family through an organization called the Hitler Youth. “These days parents have nothing more than the duty to feed and clothe their children; educating them is in the first place the task of the Hitler Youth’” complained one parent. And another, “‘the worst is…that you’ve got to watch yourself in front of your own children.’” (Pg. 279) These words ought to serve as a warning against any cultural move in which the state or otherwise attempts to gain control over the lives of young people. I wrote of such conditioning in an earlier post called the
Formation of an Alliance Youth. As presented by the OSCE Contribution to the Alliance of Civilizations, the objective is “sustaining youth as a fundamental element in promoting comprehensive security…[through] greater activation and engagement through advocacy and exercise of political rights and the creation of youth councils.” This reinforces the Alliance of Civilizations’ Final Report that, “it is extremely important to recognize youth not only as a source of mobilization, but as autonomous actors and partners.” There is no doubt that the intent is to connect children into an ideology sympathetic to the building of their new civilization, a civilization which has already identified religious freedom and political dissent as the “enemies of the civilization”.

One possible model which may be used to advance these objectives is Children’s State and Children’s United Parliament of the World (CUPW). Children’s State is a global internet state having a parliamentary assembly which convenes annually. According to the organization’s Strong Announcement, it “gives a new identity, dual nationality and international identity number for the children and young people of the world…[and] has a central role taking the lead of mankind in the new generation.” Among the supporters of Children’s State are organizations such as UNICEF, Save the Children, SOS Children's Village, Plan International and, of particular interest, the European Union:

Most interesting is Javier Solana’s support of the Children’s United Parliament of the World and the CUPW’s demands that nations demilitarize and allocate those resources to civilian-crisis management programs—a militarized security model formulated by Solana. These two initiatives appear to be mutually reinforcing. As I look at the above picture the thing that most saddens me is the young girl. She is obvously a young lady who makes her parents proud. I believe that she is participating in what her convictions tell her is a good cause. My hope for her is that one day she is able to objectively evaluate the entire underlying political agenda behind Children’s State. As one reads through the Children’s State web site, a picture emerges that portrays a cross between Jonestown and the Hitler Youth.

Overall Vision
According to the Children’s State vision statement, “The Children's United Parliament of the World is an international umbrella organisation for local and national children's parliaments…Organisation has been established to promote children's active citizenship, and their social and international partnership. In 2001 the General Assembly of the children’s parliament established an internet state, the Universal Childrensstate, that has today its own constitution, hymn and flag.”

“We educate children to become globally and locally responsible active citizens who wish for world peace. At the moment adults and decision-makers do not listen to children’s wishes enough, and thus children’s parliament provides a legal ground for children to act in their own societies as well as internationally….“Children do not need to be taught what to think, but rather how to think and act both critically and constructively.”

If only promotion of world peace and responsible citizenship were the actual goals rather than euphemisms for ideological instruction! Already we see groundwork which will require parents to relinquish control in educating their children. Interesting to note is that the Hitler Youth also had their own hymns.

Principles & Declaration of Independence
Children’s State has a Declaration of Independence which says that “Citizens of CHILDRENSSTATE are all the children of the earth under the age 18.” Children’s State’s principles require that:

  • The Children shall have the right to free decision making and opinion.
  • The Children shall be equal to adults.
  • The Children shall have the right to vote.
  • The Children shall have their own ID code.
  • The interests of Children shall be equally considered.
  • The Children shall have the right to their own values.
  • The Children shall have the opportunity to free communication.
  • The Children shall have the right to grow completely as per their own personality.

There ideology is a totalitarian regime’s dream come true. Clearly this is intended to undermine the family structure. One begins to get a sense that if parents were to resist co-operating with Children’s State, penalties similar to those carried out by the Nazis might be reintroduced:

“After 25 March 1939, membership was legally binding from the age of ten, and parents could be fined if they failed to enroll their children, or even imprisoned if they actively tried to stop them joining.” Pg 272

“Idealism undoubtedly played a role in committing many young people to the cause in defiance of their parents’ wishes.” Pg 274

“One Hitler Youth leader himself admitted, ‘the leadership encourages amongst many boys a kind of megalomania that refuses to recognize any other authority.’” Pg 281

Power Structure
Although children are told that they execute the highest authority of the Children’s United Parliament of the World, this is questionable. Similar to the European Union’s governance structure where the Council presents the parliament with legislation for its rubber stamp, it is the Council of the Future and Secretary General who submit legislation to the CUPW assembly. One astute 16 year old correspondent who attended a Children’s State function reported:

“Whilst the adults were not emitted inside the room, their thoughts and opinions were heard from the teenagers’ comments. It was easy to notice that the groups had practised their speeches quite well in advance. So it is questionable, how much of what was spoken really came from the children.”

Schirach proclaimed that ‘the principle of self-leadership’ would apply as it had in the old youth movement, but in practice the organization was effectively run by grown-ups.” Pg. 276

“…it was emphatically a top-down organization, run not by young people themselves, as the old youth movement had been, but according to the leadership principle, by the Reich Youth Leadership under Schirach…All those who joined had to swear a personal oath of allegiance to Hitler. Their training was compulsory and legally binding.” Pgs. 273-274

Parental Rights
Apparent in Article 8 of the Children’s State Constitution, the primary role of parents is to supply their children with basic human development needs. The state will be in the position to determine whether the parent is suitable to meet the educational and emotional needs of the child.

“The child shall enjoy the benefits of social security. He shall be entitled to grow and develop in health; to this end, special care and protection shall be provided both to him and to his mother, including adequate pre-natal and post-natal care. The child shall have the right to adequate nutrition, housing, recreation and medical services… The child shall, wherever possible, grow up in the care and under the responsibility of his parents…”

“Nowadays, childless couples are often congratulated by parents on their childlessness. These days parents have nothing more than the duty to feed and clothe their children; educating them is in the first place the task of the Hitler Youth.” Pg. 279

Children’s state has its own bank, the State Bank for the Universal Childrensstate, and currency, the Kyper, which is valued at a ratio of 1:1 Euro.

Children’s State Capital
Children’s State is to have KyperLedCity, Tunisia as its capital. Plans for construction of the capital city have been submitted to the government of Tunisia.

According to Children’s State Strong Announcement “After filling out the application of citizenship, under 18-year old person gets immediately dual citizenship, international ID number and a right to process the passport for one self. The passport is valid until the age of 26-years, and it entitles the person to act in CHILDRENSSTATE.”

If a parent wishes to visit their child in Children’s State they must get approval as such: “Adults need to apply for the visa from CHILDRENSSTATE's commission, to be able even to visit at children and young people of the world state.”

“The Order Castles (Ordensburgen) were the next stage in the system of Party-based education dreamed up by Schirach and Ley. They were intended exclusively to teach graduates of the Adolf Hitler Schools…the Order Castles in turn functioned as training centres for numerous Nazi Party officials on short courses.” Pg. 286

Disciplinary Action
Children’s State has developed measures known as the Internet Prison and Black List intended for discipline whenever necessary.

“Children's United Parliament of the World and the Commission have authority, in the name of the children of the world, to punish the people who destroy the future of the children of the world by putting them to the Universal Childrensstate prison.”

Children are prohibited from interfering in any areas where disciplinary action is being taken by the Children’s State.

Article II, paragraph 7 of the Charter: “All Members shall give the every assistance to the Children’s United Parliament of the World in any action it takes in accordance with the present Charter, and shall refrain from giving assistance to any instance against which the CUPW is taking preventive or enforcement action.”

Article 25 of the CUPW Charter: “The Children’s United Parliament of the World may also recognise those individuals, institutions and companies that operate against to the moral principles of the Charter, and place them on a Black List. The CUPW recommends children not associate themselves with those on the Black List.”

Children’s State is only one of many initiatives aimed at conditioning youth to adopt a global governance mindset. I have critiqued Children’s State because of its apparent relationship with the European Union. I would further like to add that I believe there are individuals involved with Children’s State who have not fully examined its underlying politics. I would encourage those people to honestly examine the evidence and determine whether the entire global governance agenda—along its various components designed to control society at every level—is something worthy of your participation and support.

April 19, 2008

Did Hitler Act Upon Catholic Convictions?

Each week Medford’s local newspaper publishes letters in which people voice their opinions. Over the past few years I have watched carefully as there are those who frequently launch attacks against Christians making assertions that are not true. One writer has published multiple opinions in which she attempts to equate Hitler’s actions with Christianity and, in particular, place blame on the Catholics. Clearly Hitler was not acting upon Catholic doctrine. For this I found it necessary to respond. Again, the critic launched another attack maintaining that Hitler belongs to the Christian world. Since this subject matter is so closely related to my previous blog post, I have decided to republish it here. First, I will publish an excerpt of the critic’s letter and follow with my response which address these allegations.

Writer responds to writer’s Vox Pop challenge
“…Oh, and to set the record straight: “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.” (Hitler to General Gerhard Engel in 1941)

Hitler was a baptized Roman Catholic who was never excommunicated by the church.“I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator by fighting the Jews, I am doing the Lord’s work.” (Mein Kampf)

And he hated the Atheists: “We were convinced that the people need and require faith, We have therefore undertaken the fight against the atheistic movement, and that not merely with a few theoretical declarations We have stamped it out.” (Hitler, 1933)

If I have to get my facts right then so do you…”
Linda O_________

Nazism was viewed as heretical by the Catholic church
Last week Linda O________ continued her argument that Adolf Hitler was a Christian and that he acted upon his Catholic convictions. Any serious researcher of the Third Reich would dismiss this as irrational so let’s relegate him back to where he belongs. First, an elementary review of the Nazi belief system: Nazi’s believed themselves to be an advanced race—the Aryans; Nazis believed the Aryans originated from the lost continent of Atlantis; the Nazis looked upon Hitler as their messiah; the Nazis promised a vision of transcendence where the collective would become divine and usher in a 1000 year Reich. One need not be Catholic to comprehend the church considers this heretical. Pope Pius X confronted these very doctrines in his September 8, 1907 Pascendi Domminci Gregis, Encyclical on the Doctrines of the Modernists.

Pope Pius XI’s encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge, is a strong denunciation of the Nazi regime and doctrine. The encyclical was read to every Catholic congregation in 1937 during a period of intense persecution. Reinhard Heydrih had already classified the Jews and the Catholic Church as the two principal enemies of Nazism. Pope Pius XI writes “at a time when your faith, like gold, is being tested in the fire of tribulation and persecution, when your religious freedom is beset on all sides.” Preceding the encyclical in 1933 the Nazis seized the property of the Catholic lay organizations banning their activities and forcing their closure. In 1935 Hermann Goring declared Catholicism incompatible with the spirit of the age. In 1937 crucifixes were ordered removed from state AND parish buildings. Afterward in 1939 all religious instruction was replaced with Nazi ideological instruction.

The encyclical did not go unnoticed by the regime as it directly attacked the Nazi belief system: “None but superficial minds could stumble into concepts of a national God, of a national religion; or attempt to lock within the frontiers of a single people, within the narrow limits of a single race…” The contention that the Church had never excommunicated Hitler is irrelevant because he had already been done under Catholic canon law latae sententiae. The German bishops had also excommunicated all Nazi party officials which would have included Hitler.

The doctrine that the Nazis attempted to implement will be found in the writings of Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society. Former Theosophical president Annie Besant summarizes the root race doctrine in The Coming Race which is available online at New Age Almanac presents Blavatsky’s and Alice Bailey’s doctrine as foundational of the modern New Age Movement. The doctrine may be found among the World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality and Alliance of Civilizations personalities. They openly believe they are doing the Lord’s or Christ’s work. Their definition of the Lord is Sanat Kamura, Lord of the World and head of a spiritual hierarchy, and Christ as a spiritual consciousness that overshadows an “enlightened” individual.

Per Theosophist Foster Bailey in Running God’s Plan (1972), they had attempted to usher in a new age before but failed. Accordingly: “One attempt was to begin by uniting the peoples living in the Rhine river valley using that river as a binding factor. It was an attempt by a disciple but did not work. Now another attempt is in full swing...” With the Alliance of Civilizations now responsible for implementing a global consciousness and presiding over the UN-led global counter-terrorism strategy and compounded with its introduction of the new global Shared Security model, it appears they are once again ready “activate” the evolutionary process of the Aryan race. (
Rich Peterson, Medford)

April 13, 2008

Mobilising People and Actions for War

This article is the second of a three part series which compares the legal and cultural changes being made by today’s global government to those made by the Nazis. Part I, Ghost of Nazi Past, Ghost of Nazi Present focused on cultural, media, parliamentary, and judicial manipulations while this part focuses on science, religion, religious education, and spiritual mobilization. The format of this post is as follows: texts in bold font are citations from Richard Evans’ book The Third Reich in Power. Italicized texts that follow Evens’ citations are quotations from global governance actors along with some of my commentary.

Writing of the hostilities between the Nazis and the Catholic Church, Evans explains “…the German government repeatedly told the Vatican that its fight against Marxism and Communism demanded the unity of the German people through the ending of confessional divisions.” (pg. 241) Today, we see the identical argument being advanced by the Alliance of Civilizations, the World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality, et al. In the interest of combating extremism and terrorism we are told a global code of conduct which embraces only common spiritual and political ideologies must be adopted. Contributors to this code of conduct are groups such as the World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality which will “activate” the evolutionary process of global consciousness; the Alliance of Civilizations which is currently developing guidelines for how religions must interpret scripture;
Religions for Peace which is advancing A Common Word, an initiative designed to undermine religious doctrines and hijack religion; etc. Orchestrated efforts to incite violence against those who refuse to set aside their doctrines—particularly against the monotheistic faiths – have intensified on multiple fronts. Evans writes “Nazism imbued the German language with the metaphors of battle: the battle for jobs, the struggle for existence, the fight for culture…The language itself began to be mobilized for war.” (pg. 214) We are in this same place today. Christians who dare voice an unpopular opinion are accused of having a violent ethos. The existence of the new civilization is threatened if the egocentric are permitted to continue with their “defective disconnection”. It is, as they say, a fight for civilization. Setting the stage for the new religious ethos is Karen Armstrong, Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group member.

See use doctrine. The full version of the Karen Armstrong presentation can be found here.

One criticism consistently launched against the adherents of the Abrahamic faiths’ is that the doctrines cannot be scientifically proven and the faithful have abandoned rational scientific inquiry. Yet many of the same critics who claim superiority have no problem advancing unproven occult doctrines such as notions of a “planetary spiritual hierarchy”; the existence of the Aryans and Atlantis; evolutionary advancement through Luciferic initiations; etc., etc.

“The real core of Nazi beliefs lay in the faith Hitler proclaimed in his speech of September 1938 in science – a Nazi view of science – as the basis for action.” Pg 259

“But humanity has hitherto lacked an adequate global grammar and a global lens to fully activate this integral/holistic/dialogic technology of mind; and since our living realities are co-created by out patterns of minding, the supreme technological advance in the human condition is this advance to the integral technology of minding.” –
World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality

Here the comparisons I draw are between the Third Reich’s attempts to control Christianity and the global government’s plans to control the three monotheistic faiths. The below World Commission citations that refer to the egocentric mind refer to individuals who believe their religious texts to be true and are not prepared to abandon their convictions for a new revelation. The egocentric mind also pertains to political dissenters of the globalization process.

“National Socialism is not only a political doctrine, it is a total and all-encompassing general perspective on all public matters. So our entire life has to be based on it as a matter of natural assumption. We hope that the day will come when nobody needs to talk about National Socialism any more…One day, the spiritual awakening of our time will emerge from this will to culture.” - Joseph Goebbels Pg 211

“Our great spiritual traditions and teachers were all in diverse ways fostering and opening the way to the awakening of global consciousness.” –
World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality

“One striking result of the general global law – we are as we mind…But humanity has hitherto lacked an adequate global grammar and a global lens to fully activate this integral/holistic/ dialogic technology of mind; and since our living realities are co-created by our patterns of minding,, the supreme technological advance in the human condition is this advance to the integral technology of minding.” – World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality

“As an SS plan put it in 1937: ‘We live in the age of the final confrontation with Christianity. It is part of the mission of the SS to give to the German people over the next fifty years the non-Christian ideological foundations for a way of life appropriate to their own character.’…Christianity, Himmler was to declare on 9 June 1942, was ‘the greatest of plagues’; true morality consisted not in exalting the spirit of the individual but in abnegating oneself in the service of the race. Moral values could be derived only from consciousness of one’s place in, and duty to, the chain of ‘valuable’ heredity.” Pg 252

“Perhaps the single most powerful event facing humanity today is a great awakening on a planetary scale that has been millennia in the making. We humans are in the midst of a profound advance as a species to a higher form of global consciousness that has been emerging across cultures, religions and worldviews through the centuries. This awakening…is nothing less than a shift…from more egocentric patterns of life to a higher form of integral and dialogic patterns of life.” –
World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality

“…it should now be apparent that global spirituality is precisely this crossing from egocentric life into the deep–dialogic life of global consciousness: this is the highest telos and consensus of our great planetary spiritual endowment…True Spirituality is the highest expression of our rational essence and is not to be confused with egocentric religious life. Spirituality is the awakening of our highest being, bringing us into direct relation with Reality as the Logosphere; it is the process of self–transformation from ego life to the awakened life of mature Integral Natural Reason and flowing in harmony with the Lawlike Moral Energy of the Logosphere. And Global Spirituality is this awakening of the Global Mind, the highest mature form of spirituality in its global power. Global Spirituality then is Awakened Critical Reason and is thus free of all ego ideology and ego dogma. Now, hopefully, the direct link between global consciousness and global spirituality should be more manifest.” – World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality

“By 1937 the Protestant Church was either deeply divided between the German Christians and the Confession Church…biblical fundamentalism and Nazified Christianity were equally repellent.” Pg 228

“The egocentric… mind is a stage in our human development (evolution) which tends to separate and objectify the thinking subject from the objects of though, and to remain centered in and privileging its particular worldview (religion, ideology, cultural lens) as the exclusive measure of reality (meaning, truth, fact, value, experience, existence). The egocentric mind is broken off from the Integral Field of Reality and packages, constructs, separates, divides, polarizes, fragments all its touches….ego minding is the primary cause of the spectrum of human pathologies. And the consensus prescription is that to change this mentality is the single most important factor in transforming the human condition.” -
World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality

“Anti-Christian writings of the Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg, who publicly rejected such central doctrines as the immortality of the soul and Christ’s redemption of humankind from original sin. In his book The Myth of the Twentieth Century, Rosenberg excoriated Catholicism as the creation of the Jewish clericalism” pg 238

“Robert Ley, leader of the Labour Front, went even further than Rosenberg in his disdain for Christianity and his rejection of the Divinity of Christ…” pg 251

“Jesus, whom the Muslims regard as a prophet, as in fact do many of the New Testament writers. Luke’s gospel calls Jesus a prophet from start to finish; the idea that Jesus was divine was a later development, often misunderstood by Christians.”
Karen Armstrong, Alliance of Civilizations

Karen Armstrong, a apostate and former Catholic nun, is certainly aware that this is considered heresy by the Catholic church and that her words were intended to attack an entire religion. At least the Alliance of Civilizations is no longer attempting to pretend to be something they are not.

Religious Education
“Remoulding the educational system would create a new generation of young Germans who had known no alternative source of values to Nazism. Yet there was of course one area in which such values did persist…That was religion. For reasons of political expediency and caution, the Third Reich had stopped short in 1933 of attacking the Churches and their dependent secular institutions. As it became more self-confident, however, it began to turn its attention to Christianity too, and to seek a means of either converting it to a form more suitable to the new Germany, or, if that did not work, of doing away with it altogether.” Pg 218

“Nazis now launched a sustained campaign to close denominational schools and replace them with non-religious ‘community schools’…Parents were forced to sign prepared statements declaring that they ‘did not want the education of my child at school to be misused by stirring up religious unrest’ Pg 246

“By the summer of 1939, all denominational schools in Germany had been turned into community schools, and all private schools run by the Churches had been closed down or nationalized…By 1939 religious instruction in vocational schools had been reduced to half an hour a week, and in many areas it had to follow guidelines…Parents who objected to these moves…were obliged by the local authorities to withdraw their objection, summoned to special meetings at the school to pressure them to sign their children up for ideological instruction instead of religious education…” pgs 246-247

“The German Christian’s attempt to create a synthesis between German Protestantism and Nazi racism had effectively collapsed…Hitler reluctantly abandoned his ambition of convereting it into the official state Church of the Third Reich. Instead, he ordered the creation of a new Ministry for Church Affairs, established in July 1935 under the 48-year-old Hanns Kerrl…The new Ministry was given wide-ranging powers, which Kerrl did not hesitate to deploy in order to bring refractory pastors to heel…Pastors were banned from preaching, or had their pay stopped. They were forbidden to teach in schools. All theological students were ordered to join Nazi organizations.” Pg 230

Such measures are most likely to succeed if supported by religious education that is based upon a sound interpretation of religious teachings. – Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group

“Education as we understand it here makes it possible to view with equanimity the completion of the process of secularisation, first of structures, then of society itself, as just one of several possible reflections of a modern way of life. School should give children a clearer understanding of the psychosocial, cultural and sometimes political functions of religion. This sort of approach would undoubtedly help to sharpen and challenge their critical faculties and combat the wilder excesses of particularism. This has fundamental consequences for the educational system, particularly as regards the teaching of religious education. Who should teach religion? Who can make a valid comparison between the different doctrinal elements of religions? We must beware of confusion here. A clear distinction needs to be drawn between religious education in the sense understood by adherents of a faith, which consists of transmitting the values, teachings and liturgy of their religion with a view to the proper practice of that religion (e.g. the Catholic catechism), and the teaching of comparative religion which aims only to instil knowledge about religion and the history of religion. Only the latter forms one of the bases of learning for the intercultural dialogue through education. Religious education of the first kind is perfectly legitimate, but is not relevant to the objective under discussion. Comparative religion should therefore be taught by professional teachers capable of providing a comparative analysis of religions, regardless of their own religious choice, with the objectivity of an expert, not the passion of a devotee. This is an essential choice that will determine the success of the dialogue through education. The difficulty of the exercise lies in integrating religion, which is such a sensitive issue in the Euro-Mediterranean area, into the field of education, taking into account its irreducibility and its mission to provide absolute truth, but without altering the educational philosophy of mutual knowledge based on curiosity, self-respect and openness to the Other.” - Dialogue Between Peoples and Cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean Area

Propaganda & Spiritual Mobilization
“Hitler had created a new Ministry of Popular enlightenment and Propoganda on 13 March 1933 and put Goebbels himself into the Ministry…the Ministry’s task as the ‘spiritual mobilization’ of the German people in a permanent re-creation of the spirit of popular enthusiasm…” pg. 121

“In other words, religions and the institutions that represent them cannot be banned from the public sphere but must be brought in under the leadership of the international civil bodies when it comes to questions concerning mutual recognition, universal justice, and lasting peace.” –
Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group

“The revolution we have made’, declared Joseph Goebbels, on 15 November 1933, ‘is a total one. It has encompassed every area of public life and fundamentally restructured them all. It has completely changed and reshaped people’s relationship to each other, to the state, and questions of existence.’ Page 120

“One striking pattern and disclosure that is of the utmost importance for seeing that entering the global perspective is a dimensional shift....This dimensional shift to the global lens is well beyond a mere "paradigm shift"…It actually taps a deeper ground of Reality – it is an existential shift.” -
World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality

“To what extent is the current state of "American civic discourse" dominated by egocentric politics and ego democracy= egocracy? Have we truly matured into a secular civic space? A truly secular civic democracy can only arise through spiritual citizenship. That would be the true American revolution. - World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality

“That is the secret to propaganda: to permeate the person it aims to grasp, without his even noticing that he is being permeated. Of course propaganda has a purpose, but the purpose must be concealed with such cleverness and virtuosity that the person on whom this purpose is to be carried out doesn’t notice at all.” – Joseph Goebbels Pg 127

“What the Nazis wanted from books was demonstrated in propaganda events such as the German Book Week, held annually from 1934 onwards. ‘Sixty million people will be roused at the end of October by the drumbeat of book promotion,’ declared one of the leading organizers of the 1935 event. These ‘days of mobilization’ would ‘implement inner military preparedness from the spiritual angle in the cause of building up our people.’ Pg 162

Last November I posted an article, Aligning the Masses, regarding the 2008 Euro-Mediterranean Year of Intercultural Dialogue. The campaign, “Mobilising People and Actions for Dialogue”, intends to mobilize civil society and raise awareness” of 500 million European citizens and develop an active European citizenship which is “open to the world, respectful of cultural diversity and based upon common values”. I had intended to write in-depth analysis on this mobilization project but while looking for a reference document found a blog space called Euro-Med which had already written everything I had intended to cover. I have not read this entire blog, but the previous link contains good information.

“Advertising and design began to incorporate Nazi symbols and to adopt approved Nazi style.” Pg 211

“Symbols can be very effective tools in advancing a cause. The creation of a house or temple of religions or civilizations in as many cities as possible will be a tangibleand important step in this direction.” -
Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group

On a personal note, my apologies for the delay in updating the blog. Life has been quite busy lately plus I've found it necessary to write at a local level as well as other other locations. Once I complete the next post in this series, I will share some of the issues I've needed to address and post my local writings here, thus making them "glocal".